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    Lead Fun and Productive Meetings, Training, or Workshops with Engaging Activities

  • Unlock The Future of Work in Your Organization

    Create awesome employee experiences with Rolljak

    Rolljak student engagement tool

    Go beyond quizzing and promote critical thinking with fun discussions.

    Rolljak student engagement tool

    Foster participants to ideate, discuss and solve problems as a team.

    Rolljak collaborative sketching

    Unlock creativity and create an instant stream of feedback through peer-evaluation.

    Rolljak virtual classroom platform

    Promote innovation through bite-sized, interactive and engaging activities.

  • "What I see here is a digitized version of what happens in a physical classroom, but on the next level and more accessible to more people in a larger setting."

    Alton Loo,
    Assistant Manager of Quality Innovation & Improvement

    “Ticks all the boxes for activities that I do! I think it’s very user friendly, very bright, I love the music!"

    Sophie March,
    Facilitator and Project Manager

    “...it's really good. These things are usually done offline, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

    Olli Vallo,
    CEO, Education Alliance Finland

  • Deliver Magic in Meetings, Workshops, or Training

    idea fixation

    Build Activities to Spark Giggles and Discussions

    Brainstorm, innovate and get creative in real-time! Allow participants to deliver their ideas, thoughts, or answers through text or drawn responses guaranteed to delight.

    virtual classroom platform

    More Than Any Quiz Maker​

    Design fun interactive quizzes to get everyone participating. Rolljak provides you with a variety of questions types such as MCQ, unscramble, or fill-in-the blank. From fun icebreakers to Design Thinking activities, to A.I.-enabled quizzing - we got you covered! Start creating awesome employee experiences today!

    collaborative sketching

    Empower Real-time Feedback and Collaboration

    Enable participants to build upon their peers’ ideas and responses. Conduct effective brainstorming sessions with various peer-evaluation methods, thereby, enriching deeper discussions and creating more engaging training sessions with Rolljak!

    collaborative sketching

    Create Team Based Activities

    Team-building facilitation has never been easier! Split participants into smaller groups to create a collaborative (or at times competitive) environment with the Rolljak Team Mode. Perfect for the project teams or team-building activities!

    collaborative sketching

    Modify Time-based Activities On The Fly

    Create time-bound activities to ensure everyone remains on track. Change of plans? No problem! Pause, skip, or add time with a single click.

  • Engage Audience on Any Occasion with Rolljak


    Brainstorm and cluster ideas with an open-ended observational question to kick start ideation, or choose Sketch-it to ideate visually. Enable collaboration so participants can swap and add ideas to other participants' responses. Choose one of the peer evaluation options and let the audience choose the best ideas!


    Deliver effective training and give your audience a meaningful experience. Measure their understanding with MCQ or open-ended questions, and let our Auto Eval feature assess their answers. Enable Team Mode to split participants into smaller groups to work together.


    Create fun quizzes to spark joy in your audience using MCQ, fill-in-the-blank, unscramble, or open-ended question. Make it more interactive with the Peer Evaluation feature to let them evaluate each other's answers.


    With Rolljak, there'll never be dull events. Get everyone excited to participate seamlessly. You can ask your audience a question to find out what they think, and select "Tags" on the Evaluation phase to categorize the responses. Or create a fun game with whacky questions and let your audience respond visually.

  • More Than Kahoot, Mentimeter and Wooclap

    Rolljak is more than Kahoot, Mentimeter and Wooclap
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