• Conduct User Research Like An Expert

    Save your time and money by identifying product design mistakes and usability issues. Let Rolljak helps you with the user research, ultimately helps teams become more profitable.

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  • Get User’s Feedback You Can Use Real Quick

    Giving your team access to conduct user research seamlessly

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    Utilize dynamic user surveys to get users’ feedback.​

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    Make decisions about messaging and copy using actual user data.​

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    Discover information to help you choose which product concepts to pursue.​

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    Encourage more thoughtful responses

    • Attract more respondents with various question types
    • Ready-to-use prompts to help you get insightful responses
    • Mobile-optimized so everyone can join with ease
    • Get more people to stick around to share their thoughts
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    Get the data you need

    • Gather & organise observations
    • Look through the insights from built-in report and analytics
    • Easy-to-share reports
    • Come up with the most impactful & influential decision, so then you can start doing the right things at the right time!
  • Templates For User Research & Feedback

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    Collect feedback and generate better ideas or solutions from participants. A quick and perfect way to get a sense of all opinions and ideas.

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    Use Sketch & Map to solve challenges through critical thinking skills and enhance the best solutions.

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    Have a better understanding of your customers' experiences and perceptions, gather information, and identify ideas for improvement.

  • "What I see here is a digitized version of what happens in a physical classroom, but on the next level and more accessible to more people in a larger setting."

    Alton Loo,
    Assistant Manager of Quality Innovation & Improvement

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    “Ticks all the boxes for activities that I do! I think it’s very user friendly, very bright, I love the music!"

    Sophie March,
    Facilitator and Project Manager

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    “...it's really good. These things are usually done offline, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

    Olli Vallo,
    CEO, Education Alliance Finland

  • Take The Guesswork Out Of The Design And Product Decisions