• Deliver Large-Scale Meetings & Presentations Effortlessly

    Ensure your remote or hybrid meetings have the same energy level as any in-person experience

    Ready to scale up? See Rolljak for Enterprise here.

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  • Not Your Usual Meetings

    Engage your audience through polls, get insights with surveys, and improve team chemistry and culture with Collaboration and Peer Evaluation

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    Enable Inclusive and Collaborative Culture

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    Break The  Monotony With Gamified Activities

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    Increase Learning And Productivity

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    Start with a blast

    Put everyone in a communicative and collaborative mode with Rolljak's Signature icebreakers activities

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    A smart way to catalyze discussions

    Be it a remote or in-person meeting, get real-time input from everyone using open-ended sketch and text responses.

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    Instantaneous evaluation of ideas 

    Participants can assess each other's input and have a productive discussion based on group sentiments and data within a few minutes.

  • Easy Steps To Enhance Meetings & Presentations

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    1. Create Session

    Plan how you’d have the Meetings or Presentations and Create Session with suitable activities. Or, you can use our ready-to-use and editable session templates that contain activities for a swift experience.

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    2. Pose More Questions

    Add Activity to pose more questions to your team, from Open Ended to get type response, Sketch-It-Out to get drawn response, or add Rolljak activity signatures with the wacky prompt to boost creative thinking!

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    3. Create Teams

    Enable Team Mode and group people in your meetings. You can always add teams or delete when the session is already live.

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    4. Gather Responses

    Share the session link with your attendees and start gathering responses. Our Collaboration feature will swap the responses so your attendees can add-on to each other responses, then invest using the imaginary money to decide the best what and how to execute the ideas.

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    5. Collaborate & Evaluate

    Enable collaboration to develop upon peer's ideas to get another point of view anonymously. And then, let them scale to evaluate the responses based on the metrics you chose to highlight ideas that stand out. Collecting everyone's unbiased perspective helps to avoid groupthink, which is a significant flaw in group collaboration.

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    6. Discuss & Plan

    See the ideas that stand out on the podium. Discuss if any of those ideas can be merged, or you can ask the team what they like and dislike about each idea. It will also give the creator a chance to elaborate on the concept and improve from the feedback given.

  • Ready To Run Great Meetings?

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