• Establish Teamwork and Collaboration With Team Mode

    Split participants into smaller groups to foster a collaborative (or at times competitive) environment. Perfect for project teams or team-building activities!

  • Enhance Participants' Communication and Collaboration Skills

    Allow Flexibility In Learning

    • Let the participants choose their own teams, or reassign them when you live the session
    • If you enable Collaboration it will be done within the team
    • Peer Evaluations are random and occur between all players regardless of their team

    Facilitate idea generation and creativity

    • Let participants work in a team to make new and curious combinations
    • Allow the way of thinking in a group that influences creativity
    • Create enthusiasm for idea generation

    Improve productivity and bring better learning outcomes​

    • Promote positive competition and motivate each other to be more productive
    • Encourage equal interactions and conversations in a team
    • Get fun and satisfying results for all involved
  • How To Enable Team Mode

    Get an extra layer of competition and see which team will rise to the top

    1. Create a session

    2. On Review tab, choose Team Mode

    3. Create how many teams you want to have in the session

    4. Go Live, let the participants choose the team, and you can also rearrange the team members​

    5. See the session results for teams or individually​

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