• Design Effective Employee Engagement Activities Within Minutes

    Rolljak helps you engage everyone in your organization while keeping it fun, collaborative, and productive—even when it’s remote

  • Employee Engagement Has Never Been This Easy

    Simply set up and run sessions with our bite-sized guided activities, no sweat!

    Real-time Feedback & Response

    Skills & Knowledge Upgrade

    Fun Team-based Activities

    Creative Culture

  • Get Real-Time Feedback & Response

    • Immediately gather what everyone thinks about important issues in your company through Open Ended questions or Sketch-It-Out
    • Create surveys or polls to decide on new company policies or work-related matters and find out the result in no time

    Improve Skills & Knowledge

    • Identify employees' pain points at work and discuss the actionable solution at once
    • Boost professional development by understanding the most needed skills & knowledge
    • Easily check participants’ knowledge & performance through our Auto Scoring Quiz feature

    Design Fun Team-Based Activities

    • Break the ice! Improve organization communication beyond boundaries, from top to the bottom
    • Empower teamwork & allow collaboration in a competitive environment
    • Build team spirit by engaging employees in a fun & productive manner

    Build a Creative Culture

    • Extend creativity to every corner of your organization with monthly creative challenges
    • Find various ways to use Rolljak to creatively engage with fellow colleagues, stakeholders, or customers
  • Optimize Your Team’s Performance & Productivity Now!

    Create engaging activities that make everyone feel valued & included

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