• Audience Engagement Platform For Seamless Collaboration

    Rolljak’s key feature you need to unleash your creativity and boost teamwork—online, quick, smooth, and secure

  • Watch Ideas Evolve and Come to Life!

    Real-Time Collaboration From Any Device

    Create a synchronous space for active participation in various formats to open doors for more collaboration.

    Avoid Biases, Encourage Equal Participation

    Participants will randomly and anonymously swap answers with each other and add to each other's responses.

    Boost Collaboration Experience

    Get participants to work together on building better responses. Let them collaborate effortlessly and discuss their responses retrospectively.

  • How To Use Collaborative Response For Creative Exercises

    There are multiple ways you can use the collaborative response feature. A creative activity would benefit the most from collaboration.

    1. Create a session and choose the Open Ended or Sketch It Out activity

    2. Enable Collaboration in the activity builder

    3. Go Live, gather responses, swap, and collaborate

    4. See all of the iteration and how they've evolved

  • Collaborative Response FAQs

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