• Pricing


      Free Plan


      per user/month


      What's Included:

      • Create interactive lessons plans with full access to all customization features
      • Allow for collaborative work between participants
      • Allow for peer evaluation between participants
      • Allows for open-ended responses 
      • Up to 2 sessions per month
      • Up to 30 participants per session
      • Storage space for 1 saved template
      • Up to 2 breakout teams per session

      Pro Plan


      per user/month, billed annually
      $12 per user/month, billed monthly

      Free Trial Duration: 7 Days


      What's Included:

      • Features of Basic Plan +
      • Unlimited sessions per month
      • Up to 1000 participants per session
      • Storage space for unlimited saved templates
      • Unlimited breakout teams per session
      • Ability to import/export lesson plans and sessions
      • Priority customer support
      • Make sessions private
      • Access to premade session templates

      Enterprise Plan


      Custom Pricing


      What's Included:

      • Features of Premium Plan +
      • Premium plan for all users
      • Streamline content amongst all users
      • Dedicated customer support staff
      • Advanced security for increased privacy

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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      Can I use Rolljak for free?


      For sure! With our aim of making creativity in classrooms a global movement, we've created a free tier so that all teachers can use our Rolljak in their classrooms. Don't fret, you will have full access to all of our features and customizability options to create the lesson plan that you desire!

      Can I try out premium features without subscribing?


      Definitely! We won't want you to buy something without knowing what you're signing up for! You can sign up for a 7 days free trial of our premium version by just signing up for our premium plan! We will not start billing you till the free trial has ended. You are free to cancel the subscription whenever you wish as well!

      Do you have monthly and yearly billing options?


      Yes, we do! The yearly billing option is cheaper and can help you save 20% per year. You can indicate if you wish to be billed monthly or annually as you sign up for our premium plan. If you are an existing user, head over to the settings page on the Rolljak application to change your billing options!

      How can I subscribe for my entire organization/institution?


      We have the enterprise plan just for that! Press on the "Request a Quote" button or hit us up on our email at and we will have someone attending to you, catering a plan to your needs!

      What types of payment do you accept?


      We accept Visa and Mastercard for our subscription plans!

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