• Run The Most

    Strategic Planning Meeting with Rolljak

    Set your goals, visualize your plans, and develop a strategy to achieve them with an interactive and collaborative manner.
  • Structure Better Strategic Planning Meetings

    Rolljak helps you prepare a comprehensive plan and make things less daunting

    Meticulously organize agenda and balance engagement with control

    Keep focus and develop ideas collaboratively

    Rate how impactful & influential the strategies are

  • Promote active participation & stimulate strategy development

    • Conduct well-planned strategic planning meetings virtually that balance engagement with control.
    • Meticulously organize the agenda and set precise time-slots for each activity.
    • Vary the activities and interaction approach so things don't get boring.

    Keep focus and engage

    • Maximise discussion and create a meeting plan of action.
    • Split a long day strategic planning meeting into bite-sized engaging activity to make things simpler and avoid burnout.
    • Form and develop ideas collaboratively, and set up a clearer plan together.

    Evaluate and Rate The Strategies

    • Rate the plan with Rolljak three different methods of evaluation: Scales, Tags, or Invest. All these can be done in just a few clicks!
    • See the most agreed plan, or see all the responses to tweak or finalize things.
    • Come up with the most impactful & influential plan, so then you can start doing the right things at the right time!
  • "What I see here is a digitized version of what happens in a physical classroom, but on the next level and more accessible to more people in a larger setting."

    Alton Loo,
    Assistant Manager of Quality Innovation & Improvement

    “Ticks all the boxes for activities that I do! I think it’s very user friendly, very bright, I love the music!"

    Sophie March,
    Facilitator and Project Manager

    “...it's really good. These things are usually done offline, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

    Olli Vallo,
    CEO, Education Alliance Finland

  • Combat Virtual Meeting Fatigue And Inspire Strategic Thinking

    Stop deliberating and start doing

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