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    About Rolljak

    Why we started on this journey to produce a creative teaching toolkit. Scroll down to find out more about the team behind it!

  • The Inspiration behind Rolljak

    What started as a simple brainstorming activity has now evolved into a digital platform to increase engagement, creativity, and collaboration in today's classrooms.


    Our tongue-in-cheek name was inspired by the local Singaporean dish, Rojak: a mixture of seemingly clashing ingredients, but prepared all-in-one. Just like the dish, Rolljak enables diverse ideas to be heard and come together in any classroom.


    Our first few challenges were inspired by Chindogu, the Japanese art of creating silly and wacky solutions to everyday problems. We wanted a warm-up activity to get the creative juices flowing and get everyone comfortable with creating! Soon enough, we started to explore other ways of fostering of creative problem solving and collaboration in classrooms, which lead us to where we are now: a gamified platform for open-ended engagement, collaboration, and peer assessment.

    Throughout 2020, our team has worked on creating and developing Rolljak to share our vision of promoting creative problem-solving skills and we're excited to be finally launching in 2021! We'd love to have you try it out and don't hesitate to tell us how it goes :)


    The People Behind Rolljak



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