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    Sprint Planning

    Sprint Review

    Sprint Retrospective

    Backlog Grooming

  • Sprint Planning

    Streamline your planning session with collaborative and productive activities. Collaborate with the entire scrum team to map your progress towards the goal and spot roadblocks. Keep everyone on the same page and easily oversee the whole progress.

    Sprint Review

    A review shouldn’t be merely a presentation. It’s about connecting the teams and mustering feedback & insight from stakeholders and the team. Rolljak makes the scrum process more fun, interactive, and collaborative. Encourage everyone to take part in every stage, be the doer of action!

    Sprint Retrospective

    Rolljak enables equal participation through anonymous feedback. Free your teams from any social inhibition when expressing opinions on out any impediments that occurred and brainstorm on how to adapt on a day-to-day basis. Understand how the completed sprint went and focus on improving the work process in a time-boxed manner. Make every minute count!

    Backlog Grooming

    Make your grooming session more engaging for your team while helping you see the big picture. Reprioritize, remove, or add product backlog by simply tagging them based on priority, status, or other metrics. Design the flow of your session to allow everybody to communicate their thoughts about the priority of tasks to be done.

  • "What I see here is a digitized version of what happens in a physical classroom, but on the next level and more accessible to more people in a larger setting."

    Alton Loo,
    Assistant Manager of Quality Innovation & Improvement

    “Ticks all the boxes for activities that I do! I think it’s very user friendly, very bright, I love the music!"

    Sophie March,
    Facilitator and Project Manager

    “...it's really good. These things are usually done offline, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

    Olli Vallo,
    CEO, Education Alliance Finland

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