• Effortlessly Synergizing Teams for Exceptional Product Design

    Gather your team to validate ideas and tackle big challenges through designing and testing concepts

  • Use Rolljak To Conduct A Full Design Thinking Process In Just 2 Hours

    Rapidly progress from problem to tested solution remotely

    User Research &


    Analyze Data &


    Brainstorm &

    Develop Solutions

    Test Ideas & Gather Feedback

  • Conduct User Research & Discovery

    • Gather insights on a topic from multiple participants at once.
    • Get participants to research, record, and analyze user behaviours by understanding context.
    • Facilitate discussion about stakeholders and what they value.

    Analyze Data & Converge

    • Cluster insights using tags to create an affinity diagram
    • Make informed decisions as a team by synthesizing key insights
    • Converge on the How Might We statement to develop ideas from

    Brainstorm & Develop Solutions​

    • Sketch ideas and improve on one another’s ideas right from your mobile device
    • Assess, vote, and distill the best ideas to be tested
    • Illustrate the ideal user journey or process flow through a storyboard

    Test Ideas & Gather Feedback​

    • Survey the audience and gather feedback on the solutions proposed
    • Improve concepts by co-creating with your users
  • How to use Rolljak to run an effective design thinking process

    Rolljak Ideation and Brainstorming platform is robust, adaptable, and intuitive. We simplify things for every stage of your design sprint, from defining problem statement, to determining what and how you execute ideas.

    1. Create Session

    Plan how you’d have the Design Sprint and Create Session with the suitable activities. Or, you can use our ready to use preset “Brainstorming” that contains activities for your swift Micro Design Sprint.

    2. Pose More Questions

    Add Activity to pose more questions to your team, from Open Ended to get type response, Sketch-It-Out to get drawn response, or add Rolljak activity signatures with the wacky prompt to boost creative thinking!

    3. Create Teams

    Enable Team Mode and have the right people on your team. Design sprint teams usually include a UX designer, a user researcher, a product manager, a developer, and key members of leadership.

    4. Gather Responses

    It's time to get everyone to participate! Get them to write or draw their ideas as a response to your questions. Everyone has a few minutes to think about the proposed activity. Having Rolljak Storyboarding Activity in your design sprint allows them to break the challenge into phases and you can keep all the ideas in one place.

    5. Collaborate & Evaluate

    Enable collaboration to develop upon peer's ideas from other point of view anonymously. And then, let them scale to evaluate the responses based on the metrics you chose to highlight ideas that stand out. Collecting everyone's unbiased perspective helps to avoid groupthink, which is a significant flaw in group collaboration.

    6. Discuss & Plan

    See the ideas that stand out on the podium, they can be taken on as your sprint focus. Discuss if any of those ideas can be merged, or you can ask the team what they like and dislike about each idea. It will also give the creator a chance to elaborate on the concept.

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