• How Rolljak Works

      1. Plan

      Create and customize an engaging session for your students

      2. Play

      Engage your students and enable collaboration and creative problem solving

      3. Present

      Share the diverse results of the session with everyone and discuss

    • PLAN

    • 1. Create Your Session

      Prompt students to answer an open-ended question, write a poem, or solve a formula, it's up to you! You can browse our preset activities or create your own activity from scratch.

      2. Customize Freely

      Do you want to enable collaboration? Peer evaluation? Set time limits? Control the level of interaction you want for your students.

    • PLAY

    • 1. Go Live

      Invite students to the session using a room code. Students can join using their phones, tablets, and computers! While waiting, engage your students as they express their creativity by designing their avatars.

      2. Gather Responses

      Once you click start, the timer will begin. Sit back and wait for your students to submit their ideas.

      3. Collaborate Creatively​

      Enabling collaboration allows for your students to collaborate and develop upon the ideas of their peers. Students won't know who's idea they're building on - anonymity allows for all students to freely express their thoughts!

      4. Enable Critical Thinking​

      Enabling Peer Evaluation allows for your students to share their thoughts on their peer's work. Evaluation can happen through various metrics, stimulating them to think from different points of view!


    • 1. Present the Results

      With the session completed, share the results of the activities with the class. Highlight the top answers that were rated by everyone.

      2. Reflect on Responses

      Arrange the results by score, participant, or topic. Identify patterns in your students' thinking processes and address them just as the session ends.

      3. Store Responses

      Save the results of the session into a central repository where they never get lost! Export responses in a PDF report, CSV, or as JPEGS for further development and discussion!

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