• How Rolljak Works

    How to use Rolljak audience engagement tool

    1. Plan

    Build collaborative learning with various activities to choose from

    How to use Rolljak collaborative sketching

    2. Present

    Promote collaboration, conduct fun interactive quizzes for creative problem solving skills, enable peer evaluation or Team-based activities.

    How to use Rolljak audience response app

    3. Explain

    Get session reports to see quantitative and qualitative assessments of your students with one-click exports.

  • PLAN

  • Create your activity on Rolljak

    1. Choose your activity

    Build a series of activities and prompt participants to answer an open-ended question, write a poem, draw their ideas, or solve a formula, it's up to you! You can browse our preset activities, generate questions intelligently using AI Question Generator, or create your own activity from scratch with our various response types.

    Rolljak learning games

    2. Engaging Quizzes​

    Move beyond asking MCQ questions with our sentence builder and equation builder fill-in-the-blanks activity. Our cutting-edge technology can even auto evaluate open ended responses!

    Promote collaboration and peer evaluation

    3. Promote Discussion​

    It's not always about getting the right answer. Trying to encourage participation? Increasing peer learning? Leading meaningful discussions? With Rolljak it's all possible!

    Breakout Teams for Team Based Learning

    4. Enable Breakout Teams

    Do you want your participants to work in smaller groups? Enable Team Mode and you have the option to group participants into teams. You can rearrange them in each team according to your own preferences.


  • Go LIVE and start the collaborative learning

    1. Go Live

    Invite participants to the session using a room code. Participants can join using any smart device! While waiting, engage them as they express their creativity by designing their avatars.

    classroom response app

    2. Gather Responses

    Sit back and wait for your participants to submit their responses and get their creative juices flowing. Add more time for the activity or skip it entirely if you change your mind.

    Collaborative learning with text or sketch responses

    3. Collaborative Learning​​

    Enabling collaboration allows your participants to exchange their responses and develop upon the ideas of their peers with full anonymity - allowing for all participants to freely express their thoughts!

    Peer evaluation to promote critical thinking

    4. Peer Evaluation

    Promote critical thinking by allowing participants to evaluate one another's work. Peer evaluation can happen through various methods, whether you want them to scale, invest, or tag the work. Peer evaluation stimulates participants to think from different points of view!


  • student engagement tool

    1. Discuss The Results

    Highlight the top-rated answers and give your participants the recognition as well as ideas to improve.

    classroom response app

    2. Browse Gallery​

    Reflect on responses, identify patterns in your participants' thinking processes, and address them as the session ends.

    Export Results in one click

    3. Export Reports​

    One click exports allow you to always have the results and responses at your fingertips and allows for further development of ideas and discussion!

  • Need A Full Guide?

    Read our How-To-Rolljak Full Guide To Get The Most Out Of The Features!