Gamifying your lessons to make your remote, hybrid, and in-person class more impactful and engaging!

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  • Sometimes you may even surprise yourself and find that the quick lesson that you put together in a matter of minutes was the one that truly resonated with your students. But what exactly did you do that really spoke to your students?


    What features do you believe the ideal lesson plan would have if it were created by you? How can the lesson material be delivered in a fun, engaging, and efficient manner? What teaching techniques did you employ to make the lesson plan successful?


    Join Aditya for 90 minutes webinar, where you will learn how to inject appropriate levels of gamification to deliver your lesson objectives effectively to all your students.

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    Aditya Batura

    CEO of Rolljak

  • In this webinar you will learn:

    • Sustainable gamification of lessons
    • Key features of Rolljak that bring your classroom alive
    • How to gamify your lessons [Live Demo]
      • Planning your lessons with Rolljak
      • Choosing and customizing the different types of activities
      • How to conduct discussions after the game
    • Case Studies: How some teachers are using Rolljak in their classroom
    • What to anticipate and classroom management

    Perks that you’ll receive:

    • Free 3-month usage of Pro plan for top 3 lucky draw winners
    • 40% discount for all webinar participants, for the annual Pro plan
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