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    Ice Breaker

    Use Icebreaker for a fun way to spend some downtime with a new group of people! Featuring some of the Rolljak Signatures, this Template is sure to spice up your session and get the spirits up anytime.

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    Micro Design Sprint

    Run a quick design sprint in under 20 minutes! Use Micro Design Sprint to run a whole design sprint with guided questions that build upon each other.

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    Comic Crazy

    Play Comic Crazy by taking turns to sketch different panels of a comic to make a story together. See how weird or wacky the story evolves as it passes through the hands of everyone in the group!

  • Recommended

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    Story Chains

    Play Story Chains by adding onto a story that someone else has started. See how weird or wacky the story evolves as it passes through the hands of everyone in the group!

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    Getting To Know You

    Meeting a new group of people virtually? Use Getting To Know You to get the ball rolling with questions about each other. Use their responses as a springboard for more conversations to come.

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    Use Brainstorm to get your participants to share with you their thoughts from the ground-up! Encourage an outward-looking mentality and see what fun ideas the session comes up with.

  • For Educators

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    Math: Differential Calculus

    Use this template as an effective way to encourage class participation and gauge the level of understanding students have of differential calculus. Feel free to add or remove questions specific to your lesson!

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    Literature: Macbeth

    Use this session template to have a discussion about Shakespeare's play: Macbeth

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    Chemistry: Atoms and Molecules

    Teaching Chemistry? Test your students’ understanding on the topic using Chemistry: Atoms and Molecules template. This template includes a variety of questions, and students are able to draw diagrams such as electron configuration and structure online! Feel free to edit the template as you wish.

  • For Professionals

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    Employee Onboarding

    Someone new in the company? Use Employee Onboarding to see what they have understood from your onboarding session and figure out if there is anything else they would want to know. Feel free to add more questions specific to your company.

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    Use Critiques to collect feedback and generate better ideas or solutions from participants. This template is light-hearted and effective. A quick and perfect way to get a sense of all opinions and ideas.

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    Use Brainwriting to get participants to innovate quickly. This template allows participants to write as many solutions as they want and tag the responses according to how desirable, viable, and feasible they think the solution is. Best Use Cases: Group meetings Business meetings Strategy planning

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