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  • Feature Highlights

    Rolljak Enables The 4C’s Skills Practice With Advanced Features

    Do the formative assessment, class discussion, brainstorm, and encourage Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication in your classroom!

  • Typed Responses

    AI Question Generator

    • Instant Inspiration Unlocked: Let AI craft quizzes and activities in 60 seconds
    • Unleash Productivity Potential: Streamlined workflows and optimal resource allocation skyrocket efficiency
    • Skyrocket Efficiency: Our versatile AI-powered platform helps you maximize the output in less time
  • Typed Responses

    Typed Responses

    • Get text responses from the open-ended question you pose
    • Choose whether you want one or multiple responses per participant
    • Enable collaboration and peer evaluation to promote creative and critical thinking
  • Sketch Responses

    Sketch Responses

    • Get drawn responses to a question you pose
    • Choose between one or multiple responses per participant
    • Enable the collaboration and peer evaluation to let the creative juices flowing
  • Sketch Responses

    Multiple Choice​

    • Do a quick test of your participants' knowledge
    • Get an instant result showing the winners of the quiz based on the time of them choosing the correct answer!
  • Collaboration​


    • Allow participants to exchange ideas and add-on to another participant's response
    • Enable Collaboration to watch ideas evolve and come to life!
  • Peer Evaluation​

    Peer Evaluation​

    • Allow participants to evaluate each other with 3 different methods of evaluation
    • Evaluation is done anonymously so good ideas will definitely shine.
  • AI Automated Score​

    AI Automated Score​

    • Test your participants’ knowledge using open-ended questions, which will be scored automatically using Rolljak AI-Powered Marking! 
    • Best to quick check your participants’ understanding, and give immediate feedback as you don’t need to score their answers.
  • Team Mode

    Team Mode​

    • Allow you to splits participants into teams to foster team spirit! 
    • Team Mode encourages meaningful communication and engagement
    • Perfect for any classroom; especially project-based learning.
  • Reports


    • Assess the level of engagement of participants and their rate responses
    • Get the full insights of activity, participant, and team reports
    • Know which activity was the least or most engaging, the least engaged participants, and those who need help.
  • Spend Less, Thrive More

    Rolljak packs more features than Kahoot — and at a better price.


    Team Mode + Multiple Choice + Poll + Open Ended Question + Sketch Response + Collaboration + Peer Evaluation + Auto Scoring Quiz + Instant Reports

    = $14


    Poll + Quiz + Slide Type + Instant Reports

    = $25

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