• Craft Engaging Session With Abundant Activities

    Create time-boxed questions or exercises that are flexible and fully customizable to inculcate active and collaborative learning—great for any size of audience!

    Rolljak Quizzes Multiple Choice
  • Excite The Audience With Dynamic Quizzes

    Quiz your participants to identify gaps in knowledge, build confidence and help them remember important information longer and more effectively.

    Open Ended

    • Gather open-ended text responses to assess participant’s understanding or collect feedback
    • Fix the number of responses or let participants submit as many as they want
    • In the end of the activity, show participants’ responses and spark a discussion

    Sketch It Out

    • Get drawn responses to a question you pose
    • Fix the number of responses or let participants submit as many as they want
    • Enable collaboration to get the best creativity exercises and brainstorming


    • Gather feedback, survey students, and quick pulse-checks
    • Ensure all participants are heard and recognized
    • Great for ice breaking that allows you gauge audience readiness

    Multiple Choice

    • Test participants' knowledge with Multiple Choice Question
    • Just enter the question, put the options, and mark the correct answer
    • Get the quiz results immediately


    • Test participants' knowledge with unscramble. You can use it to unscramble letters into words, or words into a sentence
    • See if your participants can solve the quiz faster than any of other participants
    • The "Leaderboard" feature in Rolljak shows you how participants stack up against others in terms of points

    Auto Scoring Quiz

    • Test participants' knowledge and go beyond MCQ: Auto Scoring Quiz!
    • Simply put the open-ended question, and put the model answer
    • Let Rolljak score participants' answers and show how much they understand the concept based on the model answer you put earlier
  • How To Create Rolljak Quizzes

    Whether it’s wacky or serious quizzes, do it with Rolljak. Designed to quickly test participants about anything! You can always have various types of activities in one session.

    How to create quizzes on Rolljak

    1. Create Session and choose activities

    2. Add the question. Add media if needed

    3. If you choose MCQ, put the options and choose the correct answer. If you choose Auto Scoring Quiz, put the model answer and let Rolljak score your participants' responses automatically.

    4. See the results immediately after everyone submitted!

  • Explore Rolljak Quizzes Template

    Discover quiz templates to get you rolling with Rolljak right away! Perfect for education or work settings. You can make and submit your own templates too!

    Team Quiz

    Love a good trivia session? Use Team Quiz to see who is the know it all with the fastest fingers! Turn on Team Mode to get an extra layer of competition and see which team will rise to the top.

    Atoms and Molecules

    Teaching Chemistry? Test your students’ understanding on the topic using Chemistry: Atoms and Molecules template!

    Easy Common Knowledge Quiz

    Fun ice-breaking activity, test your audience's knowledge

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