• Peer Evaluation: Hone Higher-Order Thinking Skills

    Promote discussions, encourage peer evaluation, enrich the deeper learning process with Rolljak’s Peer Evaluation feature—invest, scale, or tags.

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  • Promote Self-Evaluation And Development In Your Organization

    Rolljak peer evaluation: Powerful and customizable

    Powerful And Customizable

    Choose one of the three powerful evaluation methods that suits your goal. They’re all fully customizable to meet your needs.

    Rolljak peer evaluation: Encourage Objective Criticism

    Encourage Objective Criticism

    Let participants evaluate objectively and anonymously. Choose the best evaluation methods for your activity: filter, rank, categorize, or even rate peer's responses with the selected metrics.

    Rolljak peer evaluation: Engage With The Course Material More Deeply

    Engage With The Course Material More Deeply

    Encourage the participants to gain new skills best with the "Learning Loop", which includes Peer Evaluation to learn and see from another point of view.

  • How To Use Peer Evaluation To Promote Critical Thinking

    Rolljak create session

    1. Create a session and choose the Open Ended or Sketch It Out activity

    Enable Peer Evaluation

    2. Enable Peer Evaluation in the activity builder

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    3. Choose the Peer Evaluation method that suits your activity goal

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    4. Go Live, gather responses, and evaluate peer's responses

    peer evaluation result

    5. See the best responses that got the highest evaluation score

  • Rolljak’s Peer Evaluation Methods

    There are three methods for evaluating your peer’s response. Choose one for each activity that suits the purpose of your activity.

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    Participants will evaluate by scoring based on certain factors which you can decide or choose to make your own. Create your own scale by clicking Create New Scale, or choose a prebuilt one by clicking Create New Scale .

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    Participants will have a sum of money to invest in the ideas, in denominations of $50 based on how much they think the idea is worth. You can adjust the amount of money given to each participant to invest. With Invest, participants need to decide which idea they want to invest in and the amount that they're willing to invest.

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    Create preset tags that participants can use to assign to different ideas, or allow them to come up with their own tags. You can create tags, let the participants create or select the prebuilt tags.

  • Peer Evaluation FAQs