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    Rolljak does more than just ask multiple-choice questions — learn, create, and ideate on Rolljak.

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  • Rolljak vs Kahoot Pricing, Side-by-Side

    Enjoy Paid Kahoot’s features, plus a lot more in Rolljak Free plan. See all pricing plans.

  • Feature Highlights

    Rolljak Enables The 4C’s Skills Practice With Advanced Features

    Do the formative assessment, class discussion, brainstorm, and encourage Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication in your classroom!

  • Typed Responses

    Typed Responses

    Ask an open-ended question and get text responses from participants. You can choose whether you want one or multiple responses per participant. Enable collaboration and peer evaluation if you want!

  • Sketch Responses

    Sketch Responses

    Get drawn responses to a question you pose. Choose between one or multiple responses per participant. Enable the collaboration and peer evaluation settings as well!

  • Sketch Responses

    Multiple Choice​

    Quickly test your participants’ knowledge. Create a question, provide the choices, choose the right answer, and quickly get the winners based on the time of them choosing the correct answer!

  • Collaboration​


    Allow participants to exchange ideas and add-on to another participant's response. Enable Collaboration to watch ideas evolve and come to life!

  • Peer Evaluation​

    Peer Evaluation​

    Allow participants to evaluate each other with 3 different methods of evaluation. Evaluation is done anonymously so good ideas will definitely shine.

  • AI Automated Score​

    AI Automated Score​

    Test your participants’ knowledge using open-ended questions, which will be scored automatically using Rolljak AI-Powered Marking! Best to quick check your participants’ understanding, and give immediate feedback as you don’t need to score their answers.

  • Team Mode

    Team Mode​

    Allow you to splits participants into teams to foster team spirit! Team Mode encourages meaningful communication and engagement, which makes it perfect for any classroom; especially project-based learning.

  • Reports


    Assess the level of engagement of participants and their rate responses. You will also have access to activity, participant, and team reports that provide more insights into your audience and sessions. Know which activity was the least or most engaging, the least engaged participants, and those who need help.

  • Spend Less, Thrive More

    Rolljak packs more features than Kahoot — and at a better price.


    Team Mode + Multiple Choice + Poll + Open Ended Question + Sketch Response + Collaboration + Peer Evaluation + Auto Scoring Quiz

    = $14


    Multiple Choice + Poll

    = $17

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