• Gamification In Training

    A Guide To Make Your Workplace Training More Engaging For Better Employee Performance

    Seamlessly Embedding Gaming Elements and Principles

    Gamifying the training brings joy to the learning process but apparently, it is not only about fun.


    As a trainer, gaming elements and principles should be embedded into training content seamlessly, so that the workshop and training you execute deliver desired outcomes and have the optimal impact on employees’ performance & productivity.


    In our ebook, we drill down the strategy to gamify your employee training without radically modifying the training ecosystem you’ve had. With the right tool & approach, you can run an engaging, collaborative, and impactful training for any participant size.


    In this e-book, you'll learn:

    • Gamified VS Non-gamified Training
    • How To Gamify Your Workshop & Training
    • Incorporating Gamification Into Your Current Setup
    • Do’s & Don’ts When Gamifying Your Training
    • How To Incorporate Rolljak Into Your Training

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