• Gamifying Your Lessons

    To Make Your Remote, Hybrid, and In-Person Class More Impactful And Engaging!

    Strategically Inject Gamification In Your Next Class​

    How can your lesson material be delivered in a fun, engaging, and efficient manner? What are the components that contribute to learning with games, for any subject, any settings, and any grade level?


    In this eBook, we uncover not only the theory and methodology but also the best practice of gamification practices and examples of how to incorporate Rolljak into your class. You will be able to rapidly and effectively integrate numerous gamification strategies in various learning environments with Rolljak.


    In this e-book, you'll learn:

    • How to gamify the online, offline, and hybrid lessons
    • How to make the classroom lively and more productive
    • Applying gamification in different contexts
    • and many more!
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