• Rolljak for Educators

    Use RollJak as a quick and enjoyable icebreaker and creativity tool

    rolljak for educators
  • ice breaking activities

    Break the ice in newly formed groups

    Make members of the group get familiar with each other. Nothing breaks the ice better than expressing yourself...and what better way to express yourself than through your brilliant idea sketches

    voice out ideas out of comfort zone

    Help participants step out of their comfort zones

    New participants may be hesitant to open up and be involved in a new environment, amongst new faces. Rolljak provides the perfect platform for them to voice out their ideas.

    team bonding activities

    Foster cohesiveness by celebrating diversity in thoughts

    Everyone has different views and opinions and these can be capitalized on. Highlighting these divergent perspectives and use them to build something meaningful together!

    creative thinking using constraints

    Encourage Creative Thinking With Unexplored Scenarios and Prompts

    Throw them off guard and test the limits of the participants' creativity by setting uncommon context, scenarios, and prompts. Valuable design thinking concepts are imparted to them in the process.

    friendly competition

    Build an environment of friendly competition

    Bring out the competitiveness in people to urge them to think of their most creative ideas. The friendly competition can go a long way in breaking down the ice between newly formed groups.

  • Explore The Platform

    A minimum of 7 participants are required to start a challenge

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