• Rolljak Certification Program

    Rolljak Certified - Get Started

    Go through this Rolljak Training Module to get a better understanding of the platform's capabilities and how it can benefit your teaching practice.

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  • Rolljak Introduction - Level 1

    Level: Beginner

    Duration: 45 minutes

    Video 1: What Is Rolljak?

    This video shares what Rolljak’s mission is and why it is important for educators to focus on 21st-century learning.


    After watching the video, try out a Rolljak to experience it for yourself!


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    Video 2: Making A Session From Scratch

    This video teaches you how to make a Session from scratch. This includes what Activities Rolljak offers and basic settings to create your first Session.

    Video 3: Additional Features

    This video showcases the other features within Rolljak that can help you make the most of your Sessions & Account.

  • Rolljak Introduction - Level 2

    Level: Intermediate

    Duration: 40 minutes

    Video 1: Rolljak Recommended Sessions

    This video teaches you about the basic recommended sessions and the use cases for which they will come in handy!


    After watching the video, try out Team Mode in a Team Quiz!


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    Video 2: Enterprise Account & Rolljak Signatures

    This video covers the special functionalities for users on an Enterprise Account to make the most of your upgraded experience

    Video 3: Template Library

    This video explains how to navigate to and within the Template Library to find the session that you are interested in.

    Video 4: Advanced Features

    Learn all the advanced features of Rolljak that is sure to shorten your preparation time and organise your Workspaces.

  • Rolljak Introduction - Level 3

    Level: Advanced

    Duration: 15 minutes

    Video 1: Rolljak Ideas & Use Cases

    Get new ideas about how to use Rolljak in your sessions!


    Try out some of the activities mentioned in the video.


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    Video 2: Closing Remarks

    This is the final video of the training series

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