• Rolljak Brand Guidelines

    These resources exist to help you use our brand and assets, including our logo, content, and trademarks, without having to negotiate legal agreements for each use.

    Rolljak student engagement tool
  • Logos

    The Rolljak marks include the Rolljak name and logo, and any word, phrase, image, or other designation. It’s the face of our company, after all. Please handle with care 🧡

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    Key Notes 💫

    • Don’t try to re-create the logo—we’ve provided all the files you’ll need
    • Our logo is good-looking (in our opinion), but please don’t use it in any advertising, apparel, or merchandise without our approval
    • Our name always appears in tandem with our mark, though you may use our mark sans-name
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    • Always ensure there is good contrast if you are placing the logo on colored or patterned backgrounds
  • Illustration

    We use an assortment of stationeries to represent a diverse group of people. People who are keen to learn and improve the way they learn and they teach. The “people” are always colorful and cheerful, just like we are.

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    Highlights 💫

    • Illustrations add an element of humanity and show collaboration, Inclusiveness and diversity in thought, gamification of the creative process, being bold and challenging status quo
    • While beautiful, they should not be treated as decorative elements
    • Use illustrations to provide more context and meaning to whatever content they accompany


    Our palettes unite our brand and allow us to express our personality. So follow us to the end of the Rolljak colors.

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    Highlights 💫

    • Accessibility is our priority, which is why we’ve picked out specific text and color pairings
    • Be mindful of the specificities of our secondary palette; namely please don’t use it for text
    • Lead with bolder hues
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    Color Palette

    Pink - #fc157e

    Yellow - #fec62e

    Grey-900 - #202020


    Green - #037415

    Blue - #22c5fd

    Purple - #712dc3

  • Typography

    Simplicity is best. Be mindful of the hierarchy between type style, size, weight and color. Enough variation provides a pleasant contrast. Too much becomes a distraction.

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    Highlights 💫

    • Sofia Pro is our main font. We use it everywhere.
    • For the alternative, you can use Poppins (it's free!)
  • Canva Template

    Effortlessly create personalized template covers on Rolljak with this easy-to-edit template.

  • Deliver The Best Education Possible

    Unlock your potential as a future educator and transform the learning experience for your students.