• Ideation On A Roll

    A gamified rapid ideation tool to engage, collaborate, and innovate with your audience

    Launching on 1st June 2020
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  • Creativity Meets Gamification

    Supercharge your creativity with Rolljak

  • Boost your team's creative output in 5 simple steps

    Take on design challenges tackling pressing social or technological problems. Alternatively, have some light-hearted fun with our fun and whacky design challenges

    Get a design challenge

    Pick a design constraint

    Sketch your idea

    Collaborate with peers

    Evaluate ideas


    Creativity is a muscle:

    use it or lose it

    -Sheiley Berc-





  • Brainstorming sessions on steroids

    RollJak's rapid ideation structure significantly reduces the time taken to generate ideas and exponentially increases the number of ideas produced in 10 minutes.


    The only way to have a good idea

    is to have a lot of ideas.

    -Winston Churchill-





  • Catalyze and Crowdsource Innovation

    Supporting up to 500 people, you can ensure equal participation and facilitate cross-pollination of ideas as participants brainstorm innovative solutions collaboratively across multiple devices.


    To live a creative life we must

    lose our fear of being wrong.

    -Joseph Chilton Pearce-





  • Evaluate and Store Ideas

    With RollJak, you get to digitize ideas right from the start so that they will never be lost or forgotten. Evaluate and group these ideas according to the peer-reviewed score for metrics you have set.


    You can't use up creativity.

    The more you use it the more you have.

    -Maya Angelou-





  • Rethink brainstorming sessions and liberate creativity with over 1,000 innovators

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