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    Dive into the captivating fusion of gamification and AI in 21st-century learning. Unleashing real-time participation and fostering creative collaboration like never before.

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    Rolljak audience engagement tool
  • Unlocking New Dimensions of Audience Engagement

    Produce bigger and better outcomes and change the way you engage audiences forever, no matter who they are

    Facilitate Scalable and Guided Activities to do collaborative idea generation


    Foster collaboration and teamwork in any setting

    Get Everyone Involved in Innovative Discussions to Promote critical thinking


    Get everyone involved and make sure everyone is heard

    Foster teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving skills


    Run quiz, polls, icebreakers or discussions in minutes

    Foster teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving skills


    Participants can connect from anywhere, anytime

    Foster teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving skills


    Gamified activities to increase participation and learning

    Foster teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving skills


    Reach up to 2000 participants at once in real-time

  • Test Knowledge and Score Automatically

    Enhanced AI Assistance

    Shift your focus from crafting questions and grading responses to truly engage with your students, as our AI handles the heavy lifting, enabling you to foster meaningful connections in the classroom.

  • Foster Creative Thinking and Innovative Discussions with Rolljak collaborative sketching

    Foster Creative Thinking and Innovative Discussions


    Prepare the game in seconds! Energise participants and get them to take part in creative discussions with Rolljak collaborative sketching to innovate together using any devices.

  • Establish Teamwork and Collaboration

    Establish Teamwork and Collaboration

    Split participants into smaller groups to foster a collaborative (or at times competitive) environment. Perfect for the project teams or team-building activities!

  • Enable Peer Evaluation and Voting​

    Enable Peer Evaluation and Voting​

    Design fun interactive activities to get everyone involved. Let the participants evaluate to filter, rank, categorize, or rate their peer’s responses. Best way to promote active learning at scale!

  • "What I see here is a digitized version of what happens in a physical classroom, but on the next level and more accessible to more people in a larger setting."

    Alton Loo,
    Assistant Manager of Quality Innovation & Improvement

    “Ticks all the boxes for activities that I do! I think it’s very user friendly, very bright, I love the music!"

    Sophie March,
    Facilitator and Project Manager

    “...it's really good. These things are usually done offline, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

    Olli Vallo,
    CEO, Education Alliance Finland

  • Maximize The Value of Engagement

    Jazz up activities to excite your participants and foster fruitful discussions.

    Rolljak for Teachers

    Daily Lessons

    Create a class of engaged students who are attentive and eager to learn.
    Rolljak for Business

    Corporate Training

    Increase work satisfaction and productivity with fun gamified activities. Spark discussion in your leadership training and get everyone’s thoughts on the fly.
    Rolljak for Event Facilitators

    Agile Workflows

    Deliver a smooth-running scrum meeting that makes the entire team embody the value of commitment, courage, focus, openness, and respect
    Rolljak for Event Facilitators

    Design Thinking

    Inspire and spark creativity in your team through scalable, time-boxed, and guided Design Thinking and Innovation activities.
    Rolljak for Event Facilitators


    Drive engagement and co-creation across multi-disciplinary teams to stimulate creative thinking and innovation.
    Rolljak for Event Facilitators


    Create impactful events that will open up discussions with audiences.
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