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Case Study - Discover How a Trainer Found The Missing Piece To Activate The Audience During Training and Workshops

Explore a captivating workshop case study and uncover how a trainer found the missing piece to ignite their audience during training sessions.

Discover how Mr Jose Ling has made training and workshops more interactive and audience-driven through the various features offered by Rolljak.

Key Wins

  • Very intuitive and does its work
  • Customer support is the best
  • Promotes collaboration among participants
  • Gamifies the workshop

Conducting a workshop is an excellent way to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and build skills. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a first-time presenter, hosting a workshop can be an incredibly rewarding experience. By creating an interactive and engaging environment, you have the power to inspire, motivate, and transform the lives of your attendees.

Mr Jose Ling conducts training and workshops and has found it challenging to activate the audience and make the learning experience more engaging. However, he discovered the Rolljak platform, which helped him to overcome this challenge and revolutionize his approach to conducting training and workshops.

Unleashing the Power of Rolljak: How Mr Ling Discovered Rolljak

When conducting training and workshops, Mr Jose Ling faced the challenge of finding the right group decision support system to make his sessions more interactive and engaging. After downloading and trying several software options, he became frustrated with the technicalities involved and felt disheartened.

“So I started in the debt realm looking for group decision support systems and I downloaded a few because some were software to be installed on a PC and I start filling a bank with them. And I thought, OK, this is different from what I'm going to look for because I had a task and wanted the technicalities to be separate from that, right?”

However, his search eventually led him to Rolljak, a tool he initially thought would be like the others he had already tried. But after exploring the intuitive environment and trying out its features, he realized that Rolljak was the missing piece he had been searching for.

“So I started Googling, started out using several of these tools. And I got, you know, sort of frustrated and disappointed because there was a lot of, a lot of stuff that I needed to do, which I didn't want to do because I had him out a long weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday because I thought the actual training with 20 people was to be given on a Monday or Tuesday.”

With Rolljak, Mr Ling found that he could easily create collaborative and interactive sessions, promote audience participation, and even gamify the workshop to make it more engaging. He was impressed with the user-friendly interface and the seamless experience it provided.

First Impressions Lasts - Does It?

Mr Ling had previously downloaded a few software programs but needed to be more technical. He turned to Google and came across Rolljak, which he initially thought might be another similar tool. However, upon using it, he found the environment intuitive and easy to use, even in the free version.

“I got a bit frustrated then I stumbled on Rolljak at a certain time and thought, OK, this can't be it. This is probably one of the, you know, one of the things I've already seen and I started feeling about the environment and I thought it was very intuitive really.”

He used Rolljak for a specific spin training curriculum, which involved putting people through the situation, problem, implication, and need a method. He used Rolljak on two PCs, acting as a client and a session chairman. He was impressed by how well it worked and how quickly the training was completed, taking only about two hours.

However, Mr Ling encountered an issue with one of the menus and had to ask for assistance. He was pleasantly surprised when one of the Rolljak team members contacted him and provided one-on-one support. This experience made him appreciate how willing the Rolljak team was to help their users and ensure the success of their product.

“I recall doing a specific spin training because I did something stupid in one of the menus and had to reach out. One of the people in Rolljak actually got in touch with me and helped out in a one-on-one session. And I thought, my goodness, when is the last time I've seen people who are really willing to make their product successful?”

Say Goodbye to Training Woes with Rolljak

Mr Ling's pain points before using Rolljak can be summed up in two main challenges: finding the right product or service and evaluating training environments.

“You need to articulate it and to be able to translate that in search terms because that's probably what you're going to do. And then you're stuck with about 20 commercial comparison sites that really, you need to know what these guys are in for, what they're trying to do, what they're trying to convey, and what their interests are. And so you follow those and start to use one or two of their pointers and then it takes half an hour or an hour before you understand.”

Mr Ling found it challenging to start the search for the right product or service because he needed to know what he wanted and articulate it in search terms. Additionally, he faced several commercial comparison sites that he needed clarification on and had to spend significant time understanding their offerings. This time-consuming process often resulted in him repeating it several times before moving on to the next option.

“The other pain point is before you're able to evaluate each of those environments, you have to populate it with questions and get your head kind of around.”

Mr Ling's second pain point was evaluating different training environments. As a trainer, he needed to understand the philosophy of each environment and populate them with questions to evaluate their effectiveness.

He also needed to know what his trainees had to do and whether he could provide them with pre-work before the training. This process was complicated and frustrating, and Mr Ling often spent a lot of time trying to understand the different packages available to him.

Fortunately, Mr Ling found Rolljak, which helped him overcome these pain points. Rolljak simplified finding the right training environment by providing a platform that allowed him to compare different options easily.

Rolljak provided a pre-work feature that allowed Mr Ling to prepare his trainees before the actual training. With Rolljak, Mr Ling could save time and avoid the frustration he previously experienced when evaluating different training environments.

What Has Changed Since He Used Rolljak?

“I think the overall feature I liked is that you can choose how you want participants to answer this question. And so what I found very productive is having several groups of people interchangeably, in a sort of round-robin type of fashion, work together on several questions, right?”

Mr Ling used Rolljak to train a brilliant technical crew that wanted to change the marketing and sales process. He wanted to get the content of his training program across without making it feel like training, so he created quizzes with closed questions and variations of work forms.

“The power of this system is in its simplicity and sound design - very proper design.”

He found that people enjoyed the sushi-slicing exercise and that the whole day felt playful and intuitive, unlike training.

“You need that interactivity between trainees to really get the content to stick with them.”

The most tangible outcome was that people could generate slides about their specific solution sets using the logic Mr Ling trained them in. Those decks had a significant impact. Mr Ling is very thankful for the Rolljak training workshop because he believes they would have arrived at those decks with it.


  • Get familiar with the Rolljak platform: Before using Rolljak, take some time to explore its features and interface. Familiarize yourself with the various tools, such as gamification options, question types, and decision-making tools.
  • Create interactive sessions: Rolljak provides a range of tools that can help to make your training and workshop sessions more interactive. Use features such as polls, quizzes, and surveys to engage your audience and promote collaboration.
  • Promote audience participation: Encourage your audience to participate actively by using Rolljak's collaboration tools. These include brainstorming and voting tools enabling participants to share ideas and make decisions.
  • Contact customer support if needed: If you encounter issues while using Rolljak, don't hesitate to contact customer support. Rolljak's team is known for its excellent customer service and is always willing to help users resolve problems.

Ready to revolutionize your training and workshops? Try Rolljak today and experience its intuitive features, seamless experience, and excellent customer support. Sign up now and unleash the power of Rolljak to create interactive, collaborative, and gamified sessions that will engage your audience like never before!