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2023 January Updates: Self-Paced Mode, Unscramble, and more

We're excited to announce the latest batch of updates that will help you delivering more dynamic and interesting experience of learning. The new features include Self-Paced Mode, Unscramble, Reuse Session, and up to 50 participants for free users.

If you're interested in learning more, read on for the full recap!

Self-Paced Mode

With Self-Paced Mode, participants can complete the session at their own pace within the selected period of time. If the question is easy for them, they can move through it more quickly; if not, they can take their time to fully understand it and give the best response.

Rolljak Self-Paced Mode

The facilitator will be able to monitor the submitted responses of the ongoing self-paced session.

Rolljak Self-Paced Mode

Once the session has ended, the facilitator can see the completed gallery, and participants can come back with the given link to see the podium.


Rolljak Unscramble

Add Unscramble into your session to have an effective assessment or a fun team-based game. Create a sequence out of words and participants will need to rearrange the words to find the intended sequence.⁠ Don’t worry if it has more than 1 correct possible answer, you can add up to 3 correct sequences!



Reuse Session

Rerun your Sessions instead of duplicating them for a fuss-free experience when presenting to multiple groups.⁠ With this feature, you can have a more organized app dashboard and find the session result easily.


Have Up To 50 Participants For The Free Users

We want more people to join our mission to kickstart future-ready skills like collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication. That’s why we allow more participants (up to 50!) to join a session from a Free User.

To get the most out of Rolljak, you can earn points and redeem them for a Pro account. Earn points as you unlock achievements! Just keep running the sessions, get more participants joining your sessions, and share your referral code with your friends.

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The complete list of fixes for bugs and enhancements is available in our Features and Fixes page. Additionally, we'd love to hear about any additional feature requests you may have! Voice feature requests, bug reports, or feedback here, or join our subreddit to meet and discuss with other Rolljak users.


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