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5 Big Changes on Rolljak: Empowering More Future-Ready Skills in Any Settings

We write our New Features Blog Compilation series to keep our users up-to-date on all the new features and improvements we've made to Rolljak. Our mission is to ensure everyone has a great experience using our product, and this series is one way we can do that. We want to make sure our users are always aware of the new features and improvements we're making so they can take full advantage of everything Rolljak has to offer.

We're excited to introduce the latest batch of updates that will help you create a Rolljak session, anywhere, anytime, using any device! The new features include a redesigned interface that makes it easier to prepare the session on your mobile phone, as well as new options for sharing your work with others. We also made it possible for you to purchase a one-time-passed package. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, a corporate event, or a wedding, we want you to be able to enjoy yourself without having to worry about the cost!

The New Mobile-View Interface

The New Mobile-View Interface

1. We launched Rolljak for mobile view and it's available to all 📱🙌 🎉

2. You can now sign-up, complete the profile, and create a session on-the-go.

The All-New Session Builder Interface

The All-New Session Builder Interface

3. Set up a session and go live in 3 easy steps: Create, Review, and Share.

4. No more toggling between pages! We condensed the steps in one page so that you can easily choose or swap between activities. They can all be done on your laptop or mobile.

5. A redesigned Preview section to easily reflect your edits.

6. We also added a Review phase for you to modify the overall session settings.

Private Sharing of Templates

Private Sharing of Templates

7. In case you missed it, now you can publish your very own session templates and share it with your colleagues.

8. The published templates will be shown on You can use and edit any template on your own.

9. As a Premium tier subscriber, you have the option to publish templates privately! After finishing creating the session, click on the Share tab and scroll down to choose Private on the Template Visibility.

10. Input the email addresses of users you want to share your template with and click Publish!

11. Users will receive an email that notified them and provide private access the to the template.

One-Time 7-Day Event Pass

One-Time 7-Day Event Pass

12. On top of usual subscription, Rolljak is now offering one-time payment plans. It allows you to have unlimited access to our Pro features during your event. Unlimited number of sessions, unlimited activities per session, and unlimited number of teams.

13. There are three different event pass, based on the number of participants you are expecting for your event: Small, Medium, and Large.

14. Go to the Account page on, click the Plans tab to see the One-Time Event pricing.


Customized Theme

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15. Make your Rolljak session special with the customizable themes.

16. Simply go to the Review step on the Session Builder to color your designs with our preset themes or customize it to your liking.


Use Your Logo

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17. Select the logo of your choice and it will be featured on your session when it goes live.

18. Customizable theme and logo are for premium users only.