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    rolljak challenges

    Multiple Game Modes

    Choose from a variety of challenges that unlocks different methods of divergent ideation

    draw on idea sketch pad

    Idea Sketchpad

    Don't limit yourself to text-based ideas. Create brilliant visual representations of your ideas to communicate it better.

    collaborative sketching on your phone

    Collaborative Sketching

    Swap ideas with other players and add on to their ideas. Everyone has a unique perspective that can value add.

    evaluate ideas using key innovation metrics

    Crowd Rating

    Evaluate the ideas generated based on key creativity metrics. The collective rating provides immediate feedback and validation.

    reflect on ideas and review them

    Idea Review

    Reflect on how other players build on your idea and find out how your idea fared relative to other ideas in the game room.

  • Why use Rolljak?

    Combining Gamification & Design Innovation Research

    creative design challenges

    Games Modes Inspired by Design Methods

    Fun, whacky, creativity, and business rolled into a giant maki

    Each of our game modes encourages participants to collaborate and think creatively using various design principles and ideation techniques. Rolljak is the easiest way to inculcate a creative and collaborative environment.

    collect more than 100 ideas in less than 10 minutes

    Idea Expresso

    Collect 100 unique ideas in less than 10 mins

    Have a meeting with 100 people coming up? Host a rapid design challenge to increase engagement, crowdsource innovation, and inspire your audience anytime, anywhere. Exploring a breath of ideas ensures greater quality, diversity, and novelty of solutions.

    sketching instead of words

    1000 Words

    The fastest and easiest form of prototyping is sketching a picture

    Drawing a circle is faster than typing 'circle' on your phone. Ideas often get lost in words, a sketch is able to communicate a design solution more effectively. Everyone can sketch, break the apprehension and start ideating visually.

    digitize and track ideas

    Digitize & Track Ideas

    No more messy documentation, lost ideas, and walls full of post-it notes

    Ensure no great ideas are lost. All the ideas from a Rolljak session are kept in a repository for you to browse, revisit, and share across multiple devices.

    use assessment criteria to converge on an idea

    Team Alignment & Convergence

    Get everyone on the same page and contribute equally during brainstorming

    Validate ideas efficiently and quickly with universal evaluation metrics such as ICE, PIE, SWOT and more. With the quick element of anonymized responses, each participant gets unbiased and honest evaluation from all participants to select the best idea.


    Just takes a few clicks to setup

  • rolljak host a room

    STEP 1

    Click "Host a room" and login as a gamemaster

    create and select a challenge mode

    STEP 2

    Create a challenge by choosing from one of our many exciting game modes

    invite players on Rolljak using the invitation link

    STEP 3

    Share the invitation link with your participants



    Get everyone engaged and crowdsource ideas


  • STEP 1

    Enter the room code provided by the gamemaster

    rolljak draw yourself and practice sketching

    STEP 2

    Warm-up your sketching skills

    rolljak choose a design constraint

    STEP 3

    Up the ante by choosing a design constraint

    sketch your ideas in 90s

    STEP 4

    Race against time and start sketching your ideas

    swap sketches and build on another player's ideas

    STEP 5

    Swap sketches and build on another player's ideas

    rate the ideas using innovation metrics

    STEP 6

    Rate your favorite ideas

    review ideas and see how you've fared

    STEP 7

    Review how your idea fared & evolved

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