• Say Goodbye To Idea Shortages

    Your one-stop shop for an efficient and effective brainstorming

    rapid ideation software for product teams
  • boost quantity and quality of ideas

    Boost the quality and quantity of ideas produced in a Design Sprint

    Come up with highly innovative and unanticipated solutions to complex problems through Rolljak's quick paced, high output brainstorming sessions

    customize challenges and constraints

    Customize challenges and constraints for your product

    Just the right amount of constraints provides focus and a creative challenge that motivates people to search for and connect information from different sources to generate novel ideas

    collaborate improve team mates' ideas

    Collaborate with your teammates, improving each others' ideas

    Go through multiple rounds of collaboration with teammates, allowing ideas to evolve as a result of fruitful contributions from everyone. Make use of each individual's diverse perspectives.

    assessment criteria for ideas during design sprints

    Tailor the perfect evaluation criteria to assess your ideas

    Decide what makes a good idea in a certain context or related to a specific topic by customizing the evaluation criteria

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