• Presentations & Meetings

      Make your events and meetings more about your participants and audience by focusing on boosting participation and engagement

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      Challenge In Real Time


      Visualize Data


      Remote Participation

    • Keep Your Audience Interested With Creative Activities​

      With Rolljak, your audience will be glued to their screens– when you want them to be. Engage large crowds of up to 500 participants with our challenges that can act as a creative icebreaker or a warm-up activity.

      Gather Live Feedback And Ideas From Your Audience​

      Whether you need an impromptu comedy prompt or ideas to illustrate a concept, it’s all possible with Rolljak.

      Export & Visualize Presentation Data​

      Visualize your data easily through universal metrics such as spider diagrams and SWOT analysis.

    • Boost Participation & Engagement With Rolljak

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