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      Inspiration behind RollJak

      RollJak is a gamified rapid ideation tool to engage, collaborate, and innovate with your audience. The browser-based software is a mix between a game, an open ideation platform, and an audience engagement tool.

      As a local dish, Rojak is made up of a combination of seemingly clashing ingredients, ‘Rolljak’ was a wordplay on the concept of the dish that we felt was fitting to explain creative thinking. It is the result of incorporating ingredients of various cultures, symbolising skills, perspectives and collaboration between people and there are multiple ways to make it, akin to how there is no defined path to achieve creativity.


      Our product is inspired and loosely based on the concept of Chindogu. The Japanese art of inventing silly and whacky solutions for everyday problems. It started off as a creativity warm-up exercise we designed and facilitated for participants in the morning prior to an entire day of Design Thinking course. The activity was well-received by students and professionals as they felt that it was fun, whacky, and creatively challenging. In addition to getting the creative juices flowing, the Chindogu activity really helped to break the ice within the team which made the sessions less dreadful and full of laughter.

      The idea to digitise this activity began much later as we saw potential in further developing it as a quick and effective way to engage with large audiences when we were doing large design-athons with over 300 participants. The entire design process took about 18 months, with multiple testings, iterations, and restructuring. It toggled from being a side project to our main business focus many times over the 1.5 years. We tested many versions of our prototypes with students, working professionals, and top executives, and used every opportunity we could get ahold of to test it. Now, we're ready for the world to test it! Please let us know how this platform has helped you and what improvements we should make by dropping a mail to hello@rolljak.com


      Our Background

      Our company name is Codomo, which also means 'children' in Japanese. Despite the multiple references and inspiration that we take from Japanese words, we are in fact based in Singapore and none of our founders is from Japan. (One of them was studying the Japanese language in high school, thus explaining the heavy reference and inspiration. 🤭)


      We started the company back in 2015 with the aim of empowering children with real-world skills and knowledge such as Design Thinking and Computational Thinking that most schools were not teaching. (In fact, the letters C, D, and M in our name is a wordplay and stand for Computational Thinking (CT), Design Thinking (DT), and Maker skills. Our tagline is code · design · make 🤗) We were all pioneers graduates from a newly established design-centric university called Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) who decided that they wanted to make a difference to education.


      With lots of help and support from our family, professors, university, government, and community, we have had many opportunities working on various design projects with companies and government agencies, teaching Design Thinking and Programming to a range of audience, and be partners of nationwide initiatives in Singapore. We began our journey educating young preschoolers and school students on how to use design and technology to solve problems. Our goal was always to make learning fun, enjoyable, and for them to start creating an impact in the world at their age.


      As demand for design and technology education increases in Singapore and particularly from our alma mater, we were hired to run Design Innovation programs and App Development Bootcamps for university students and working professionals from many prominent organisations in Singapore. As we got more involved, more people started to know our company. We have earned the trust of many partners we worked with and have a good reputation as a young, innovative team who creates quality teaching content and interesting learning experiences for our learners. As Apple Certified Professional Learning Providers and Adjunct SUTD Instructors, we work closely with SUTD, Apple, and IMDA to roll out iOS learning programs for secondary and tertiary students. We are very grateful as this has enabled us to be able to make a direct impact on the education initiatives involving academia, companies, and government organisations.


      When we are not teaching, we are creating products. Potato Pirates and Enter The Spudnet are tabletop board games that we have created to teach everyone, especially children, computational thinking concepts. In most cases, learning technology typically equates to staring at screens, we wanted to reverse that. Board games are a screen-free way to make learning fun and effective while bonding with your family, friends, and teachers. Both board game campaigns were launched on Kickstarter in 2017 and 2020 respectively, garnering over 8000 backers while raising $500,000 accumulatively. Our first game Potato Pirates is also licensed to Thinkfun, one of the largest STEM games publisher in the world, more than 25,000 families, teachers, and game enthusiasts around the world have bought Potato Pirates since 2018. Our mission with the Potato Pirates line of products is to continue developing more offline games to make learning technology accessible to all.


      Similarly, we hope that our first online product, RollJak, will make it fun and engaging for people to learn about design and help to train their creative minds to solve tough problems happening in the world. Help us reach out to more people by hosting a game and inviting players or share on your social media accounts to showcase your sketches with the hashtag #rolljaksketch!


      PS. If you are moved by our story and feel a strong passion to join our team, please email hello@codomo.com.sg or ahoy@potatopirates.game!


      PPS. Make a guess which rolls below wrote this story.



      Our Team



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