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    Wait, what's Rolljak again

    • Think of Kahoot, but for open-ended questions, and with more room for creativity and collaboration. We have built in the ability for students to add onto one another's responses, as well as peer-evaluation tools you probably haven't seen before. Some other pretty cool things we have (if we might say so) are creative ice-breaker presets that you can use to foster team building, get people comfortable, awake, and ready to participate!
    • It's all about keeping things creative, collaborative, and fun. Because we believe that these are the tools students need to become life-long inquirers and risk-takers who can make a positive impact in the world. Find out more here.
    • Rolljak is developed and designed by Codomo, an ed-tech company based in Singapore.

    Am I qualified?

      • Probably! Just make sure you're an educator who teaches groups of people within the ages of 8 - 25.

      Okay, so what do I have to do once I join

          • The gist of the program is that we'd like you to try to design at least 1 activity in Rolljak and use it in your classroom. 
          • We'll ask for feedback about how it's going along the way.

          What will I get if I join?

              • Well firstly, you'll have our eternal gratefulness.
              • But more than that, we also want you to be able to use Rolljak Pro for free when we launch. You can check out the rewards below.
            • Rewards!

              For being awesome co-creators.

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              All you need to do is sign up and try it :)

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              Earn points by doing tasks

              Points can be redeemed to Rolljak Pro Plan when we launch. Each task is worth 30 points! When you collect 60 points you can redeem 1 additional month of Rolljak Pro Plan.


              1. Create a session in Rolljak.

              2. Answer a few quick questions about creating an activity.

              3. Go live with your session and use it in a classroom.

              4. Tell us about your experience in the classroom.

              5. Complete a survey.

              6. Hop on a call with us & tell us what you love or don't love about Rolljak.

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              Earn more points by referring others. They get points too!


              During the beta, every successful referral gets 30 points instead of the normal 15.

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