• Make Interviews More Meaningful

    Gain insight on your candidates in an interview group

    make interviews more meaningful
  • discover thinking process

    Discover your Candidate's

    Thinking Process

    Skip the traditional questions that are all-too-similar to rehearse for. Use Rolljak for a way to evaluate the suitability of your candidates​ by assessing their creativity and divergent thinking skills in under 5 minutes.

    assess candidate's creativity

    Evoke the Most Creative Responses in an Interview

    Rolljak's rapid ideation rounds coupled with its customizable challenges and constraints can bring out the most innovative solutions, allowing exceptional quick-witted candidates to stand out.

    adding value to the team

    Evaluate Candidates’ Ability To Add Value In Teams

    The panel can pick up on hints on how well a candidate works in groups from their ability to add on to other candidates’ ideas. The collaborative aspect of Rolljak allows players to showcase their unique perspectives on the issue chosen.

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