• Find The Best Solutions

    Our innovation platform comes equipped with easy-to-use features that help you listen to your team and find the best solutions

  • Supercharge Your Team's Creative Processes


    Collect Ideas


    In Real-Time

    Track and

    Evaluate Ideas

  • Crowdsource Ideas In Minutes

    Kick-start your ideation process and develop a wide range of solutions in a matter of minutes

    • Get ideas from up to 500 people at once
    • Guided time-boxed exercises to get ideas in the most efficient manner

  • Creative Collaboration In Real Time

    ​Collaborate seamlessly across multiple devices

    • Join a challenge from your own device remotely
    • Ensure equal participation and a cross-pollination of ideas to bring about the most novel solutions

  • A Central Hub For Your Ideas

    ​Maintain a central repository of your billion dollar ideas to ensure they never get lost

    • Organize and store all the great ideas your team has created
    • Export ideas in multiple formats for further development and discussion (supports PDF, PNG & CSV)

  • Visually Convey Your Ideas

    Evaluate Your Ideas With Our

    Data Visualization Tools


    Learn Design Thinking

    Through Our Challenges

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