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    Creative Collaboration + Employee Engagement + Idea Management

    rapid ideation software for product teams
  • multipurpose platform

    One Platform, Multiple Usage

    Use Rolljak to take on design challenges that tackles pressing issues, technological problems, or redundant processes within the company. Alternatively, have some light-hearted team bonding sessions with our fun and wacky design challenges.

    creative collaboration environment

    Make Creative Collaboration Innate

    Foster a creative and collaborative environment within your company through play. Rolljak's gamified design challenges encourage employees to co-create and improve creative thinking by practicing various design thinking principles and ideation techniques.

    boost creative output

    Boost Creative Output

    With a unique, simplified ideation flow and a mobile-first web interface, the Rolljak platform allows employees to collectively brainstorm hundreds of ideas remotely on various devices in a matter of minutes. Exploring a breath of ideas ensures greater quality, diversity, and novelty of solutions.

    effective employee engagement

    Effective Employee Engagement

    Employees do not only want to be heard, they want to see the commitment and action. Use the Rolljak platform to collate feedback and ideas from employees. These ideas will then be voted and assessed by everyone anonymously, ensuring unbiased and honest evaluation from all participants to endorse the best ideas to be implemented.

    digitze and store ideas

    Digitize and Store Ideas

    Ensure no great ideas are lost. With Rolljak, you get to digitize ideas right from the start so that they will never be lost or forgotten. All the ideas from a Rolljak session are kept in a repository for you to browse, revisit, and share across multiple devices.

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