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Rolljak: The Ultimate Teaching Platform?

What's Rolljak? Should I use it? How does it stack up?

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What is Rolljak?

Rolljak is a versatile teaching platform that enables teachers to easily translate their ideas into the classroom in an interactive and engaging way. Teachers can ask open ended questions and students can respond through text or diagrammatic responses.

Much like it's namesake, Rolljak encourages creativity and collaboration. This time, in the classroom.

What's good about Rolljak?

Rolljak makes it easy for teachers to engage students in both physical and online classrooms.

Easy to set up - Rolljak has preset activities that enable you to easily set up sessions.

Easy to implement in class - Easily invite students to join your lessons with a simple 6 digit code.

Powerful and customizable - Preset activities not working out for you? No worries. Customize the preset activities to suit your needs or build a new game from scratch.

Sketched responses - Want diagrammatic responses? Give students the option to sketch out answers using just their phone, tablet or computer.

Enable collaboration between students - We believe collaboration is one of the fundamental skills that can be taught in classrooms, and something that many ed-tech tools don't allow. With Rolljak, students can improve on other's ideas, making ideas evolve and come to life.

Export and archive responses - Easily export responses to track student progress, to mark, or to archive.

Breakout teams - Break your class up into smaller teams to foster collaboration. You can assign teams or allow Rolljak to randomize it for you!

Exploring Rolljak

The Homepage

The homepage appears when you sign into Rolljak. If it's your first time here, you'll be greeted with a short tutorial that guides you through the process of creating your first session.

Rolljak App Homepage

If you've made sessions before, this is where they will appear. Group sessions into folders to keep things organised. Easily edit past sessions or Go Live when you want to start a session

How to use Rolljak

Activity Builder 

The activity builder is where the magic happens. Here, you can create and customize your activity to suit your needs.

There's 3 main tabs in the activity builder.

Activity Type - Choose the type of question and response you want to get. You can use a pre-set activity under Activity Library and customize it to suit you or create a new one from scratch.

Rolljak activity builder

Activity Builder - Input the question your students will see here, and decide the number of responses they can provide. You can also enable peer evaluation here. check out the participant's view on the right side to preview what they will end up seeing.

Rolljak open ended questions

Turn on Collaboration and customize the time allocated to each phase of an activity.

Rolljak Collaboration Tools

How to use Rolljak

Let's imagine you're a science teacher, and you're introducing a new topic today - waves.

First, let's test their understanding of waves, see what preconceived notions they have, get them to brainstorm and think about waves and their real life applications.

So we'll start with a simple, open-ended question: What is a wave?

Example Activity: What is a wave?

To do this, we're going to want to set a open ended question and NOT allow collaboration. Just something that they can all think of individually and jot down.

How to use Rolljak

1. Log onto Rolljak and create a 'New Session'. Name it something simple and easy to remember.

2. We're greeted with a simple Activity Builder, and 'Open Ended' seems to suit our needs just fine. You can check out the pre-set activities for inspiration on Activity Library.

Rolljak activity builder

3. Clicking "Open Ended" now brings us to a page where we can customize the question.

Since waves can take multiple forms and we want more inputs from our students, let's enable Participant chooses so they can have multiple answers.

Rolljak open ended questions

4. Interested in seeing what your class thinks are good answers? Enable Peer Evaluation and set up scales as rubrics to let students grade each other's responses. You can check out Participants' View under the left panel to preview what your students will see.

Rolljak enable peer evaluation

You can check out the pre-set metrics or come up with your own.

Rolljak custom voting metric

5. And we're done! Click SAVE AND EXIT so you can edit it later, or GO LIVE when you're ready.

How to use Rolljak

This is just one example of how you can use Rolljak in a classroom. With it's powerful suite of features, Rolljak can be tweaked to fit most lessons.

What makes Rolljak different? And better?

  • The popular game-based learning platform best known for it's catchy theme music and funny names, Kahoot is great for trivia games and shines in MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) quizzes.
  • Rolljak improves on Kahoot by keeping engaging elements (gamification and catchy tunes), and adding a whole host of features that enables things from MCQ quizzes to long-form responses and sketched responses.
  • While Kahoot is a good way to consolidate knowledge and test students on specifics, Kahoot quizzes don't test understanding, promote critical thinking or spark discussions but Rolljak does!
  • A more professional platform designed for presentations and meetings with polls, quizzes & Q&As, Mentimeter is popular, with more than 80 million users.
  • Rolljak improves on Mentimeter's classroom utility, with features such as collaboration, peer-to-peer evaluation, allowing sketched responses, and the ability to create breakout teams.

Rolljak is a promising platform entering the ed-tech industry. In a world of virtual classrooms, Rolljak serves as an engagement tool that allows powerful customization with focus on collaboration and critical/ creative thinking.

With it's robust suite of features and designed with educators in mind, Rolljak is worth a try (it's currently in open beta and offering premium features for free!)

Signup at Rolljak here.

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