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Rolljak 2.0 Launch: Feature Updates and More

1st June 2022

We've been working hard to improve Rolljak's features so that you can innovate and collaborate seamlessly, everywhere.

Everything we release, whether it's a new feature or enhancement is tailored for your needs: Professional, Educator, or Personal, which will make encouraging ideas and collaborative engagement much easier.

Going forward, we'll be sharing a roundup of product changes and improvements, so you can keep on top of all our latest features to help you develop and innovate better.

Let’s dive straight into what’s new this month in Rolljak.

1. New Session Templates

Have you noticed the new appearance of our Session Template section? We all know how difficult it is to start from scratch, so Session Templates are a wonderful way to acquire some ideas, save time, and get your creative juices going.

You can choose our Session Templates that contain preloaded activities and modify them to meet your needs. Remember, these templates are editable so you’re able to add more activities to the templates!

Here are the selections of session templates you can explore:

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Awaken your participants’ creative muscles with this template. Ask them to draw a storyboard of their ideal classroom experience. In the second activity, encourage participants to create ideas by responding to a “How Might We” question.

Friendly Competition

Time for a competition! Foster competitive spirit by competing in a quiz. Split participants into teams and see which one has the most correct answers.

Pulse Check

It helps you start off on the right foot. Let participants draw how they’re feeling & write down the thing they’re grateful for today.

Exit Ticket

Use this preset after your session. Ask participants about their favorite part & takeaway from the session.

Creative Icebreaker

Warm-up participants with fun and engaging activities. Challenge them to think divergently in a time of crisis by redesigning a random object to survive. In the second activity, participants combine items and change the sizes or quantities to create something funny, cool, innovative, or whacky!

Getting To Know You

Help participants get to know each other at a meeting, training session, classroom, or team building event. You can also use this template to warm up the interaction during a remote meeting. Participants can share superficial, nonpersonal information that allows other participants to get to know each other!

Story chains

Begin a story with a single sentence then add on to someone's story. One sentence each phase.

Comic Crazy

Create a comic together, starting with the first drawing. Continue the story by collaborating with others and adding on a drawing for the next comic panel. At the end of the game, you'll get to see the outcomes of the comic that you've created together!


Help the team understand how the completed sprint went and focus on improving the work process

Employee Onboarding

Smoothly onboard your new employee with engaging & interactive activities

Micro Design Sprint

Rapidly progress from problem to tested solution!

2. Manage sessions, folders, Deleted and Restore

Managing your sessions is now much easier. Create folders to store and organize your sessions!

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Accidentally deleted your favorite sessions or folders? Fret not, with our newest feature, you can restore them seamlessly before it goes away after 24 hours.

How can you restore it?

The deleted sessions can be found on the Trash tab. Head of to the left panel of the home page, the Trash tab is under the Folder. Simply click the restore icon to restore the deleted session, and you’ll get your session back!

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3. Enhanced In-Game Control

When creating a session, some of you might set the time a little too long. With our Fast Forward feature, you can now collate all responses in an activity phase immediately. Just click the End Phase button on the Game Master screen, so that you can move to the next phase of your activity.

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4. In-Session Gallery

You no longer have to open the gallery in a new tab to view your participants' responses. When the activity ends, you can see all the results on the Game Master’s screen.

We also enabled the profanity filter for healthier discussions! With this feature, you won’t find any swear words, words associated with hate speech, harassment, etc in your sessions.

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5. Reports

We have introduced session reports to enable hosts to assess the level of engagement of participants and their rate of accuracy for quiz questions such as Auto Scoring Quiz and Multiple Choice Question. Pro and Premium plan users will also have access to activity, participant, and team reports that provide more insights into your audience and sessions. Know which activity was the least or most engaging, the least engaged participants, and those who need help.

Where can you find the Report?

You can find the report on the gallery page. It will contain the session overview and insights.

We will keep on improving to make Rolljak fit your needs. With these features, we hope to see more collaboration and incredibly engaging experiences.

Try them out and let us know what you think!

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