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Quizizz Alternatives and Competitors: The Ultimate List for 2023

Platforms like Rolljak, Kahoot!, Mentimeter, Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, and Google Workspace offer similar features and benefits to Quizizz, including ease of use, customizability, and engagement, making them excellent alternatives to consider.

Quizizz is one of the most popular and widely used online quiz and test platforms, allowing students to gain a better understanding of the materials taught in class. It helps teachers track student progress and identify areas where they need additional instruction.

But what if you're not sold? What other options are available that offer similar features and benefits as the popular quiz platform?

Here are the top ten best Quizizz alternatives and competitors! As we detail each of these platforms, we'll focus on their key features - like the ease of use and customizability - and highlight core advantages over Quizizz.

So if you're ready to explore some new testing software solutions or just want some additional information when making a final decision about which platform is right for your needs – read on!

Top 10 Best Quizizz Alternatives and Competitors

Here’s a list of the top 10 best alternatives and competitors to Quizizz so that you don't have to look any further! Read on to discover which ones are right for your needs.

1. Great for formative assessment - Kahoot!


  • Free
  • Kahoot!+ Start for teachers - $3.99/month
  • Kahoot!+ Premier for teachers - $7.99/month
  • Kahoot!+ Max for teachers - $12.99/month
quizizz best alternatives

If you're searching for a fun and competitive way to liven up your classroom or office, Kahoot! is an excellent option to consider. This interactive platform offers engaging quizzes and trivia games that can be played on digital or physical devices.

With its visually appealing content and effective design, Kahoot! turns learning into a playful and enjoyable experience. It's a hit with students of all ages, as they can use their phones or laptops to submit their answers while competing with others in real-time.

Additionally, Kahoot! provides teachers with an easy way to track students' progress and receive instant feedback through surveys and polls in a virtual game format. In short, Kahoot! is an excellent tool to keep everyone engaged, entertained, and learning at the same time.

2. Fun quiz competitions - Mentimeter


  • Free
  • Basic - $11.99/month
  • Pro - $24.99/month
  • Enterprise - Custom
quizizz best alternatives

Mentimeter is an increasingly popular quizzing platform that is quickly becoming the go-to option for school teachers and corporate trainers alike. It stands out from its competitors because it makes creating engaging quizzes a breeze.

Through its intuitive drag-and-drop logic system, users can create tailored quizzes with ease. Plus, Mentimeter's reporting features allow educators to track individual student performance effortlessly, turning data into insights that can be used to promote learning growth.

With its readily available support resources, Mentimeter has become one of the leading quiz platforms on the internet - it even boasts unavailable features on Quizizz!

3. Best for students engagement and interactivity - Rolljak


  • Free
  • Pro - $14/month
  • Premium - $28/month
  • Enterprise - Price varies
quizizz best alternatives

Rolljak is one of the formidable Quizizz competitors for online quizzes and interactive classroom activities. It excels in promoting critical thinking and collaboration, offering features that enable students to submit text or drawn responses and collaborate with their peers seamlessly and anonymously. Moreover, as one of the Quizizz competitors, Rolljak includes a peer evaluation feature that fosters the development of critical thinking skills, essential for the 21st century

What sets Rolljak apart is that it leverages principles from Design Thinking and Innovation Thinking to stimulate creative problem-solving with engaging real-time responses, making it an ideal tool for ideation, icebreaking, training, or strategic planning.

Rolljak also incorporates AI to automatically generate questions, eliminating writer's block and reducing the time needed to create a session. It's as simple as typing a prompt, copying and pasting a URL, or uploading a document. Educators can generate questions tailored to different grade levels, from 1 to university, and align them with specific learning objectives.

For new users, Rolljak offers a 14-day trial, providing access to its premium features.

4. Easy presentation - Microsoft PowerPoint


  • Stand Alone - $6.99
  • Bundle - $109.99
quizizz best alternatives

Powerpoint has been a well-known Microsoft product for many years, and it continues to find ways to stay relevant through its adaptability.

With features similar to those found in Quizizz, such as slides with multimedia content and the ability to give presentations in multiple languages, Powerpoint can be an effective alternative for those looking for more interactive learning experiences.

It also stands out for its analytics and collaboration capabilities, where teachers can track student progress easily in real-time and share their presentations with ease. With features like these, Powerpoint gives users an unparalleled way of delivering lessons while engaging their students actively.

5. Create and share presentations - Prezi


  • Basic - Free
  • Basic Plus - starts at $12/month
  • Individual - starts at $7/month
  • Edu - starts at $3/month
  • Business - starts at $12/month
quizizz best alternatives

As an interactive alternative to Quizizz for creating digital lessons and assessments, Prezi is a great option. With Prezi, educators can create visually-engaging lectures from pre-made templates and embed their media files and videos.

It features a variety of collaboration tools, making it easy for students to work together on projects and presentations in real time. Consequently, the platform helps guide a more productive discussion experience.

Additionally, instructors can track their student’s progress with detailed insights that they can report to parents or administrators if needed. Prezi also gives users access to thousands of image assets so that users never have to struggle with finding the perfect visual for their presentations.

6. All in one collaboration suite - Google Workspace


  • Business Starter - $5.40/month
  • Business Standard - $10.80/month
  • Business Plus - $18/month
  • Enterprise - Price varies
alternative to quizizz

An excellent alternative to Quizizz is Google Workspace, an all-in-one collaboration suite where individuals and teams can collaborate efficiently on projects and assignments.

This platform provides users with useful tools such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, meet video conferencing and much more, making it the perfect Quizizz competitor for organizations and educators who want a comprehensive collaboration solution.

With features such as cloud storage solutions that enable multiple users to work together from different locations in real-time, custom email aliases for members of the workspace, and integration with other third-party apps like Slack and Zoom, Google Workspace truly stands out from among the competition.

7. Professional and engaging - Keynote


  • Free for Apple users
alternative to quizizz

Keynote provides an attractive and competitive alternative to Quizizz for those looking for a more professional and engaging approach to classroom instruction.

With the ability to create interactive presentations and group activities, complex data visualization options, and built-in collaborative features, Keynote equips teachers with some of the same features as Quizizz, but with a sleek modern aesthetic that sets it apart from other applications.

It allows teachers to easily combine videos, images, and text into visual stories that help engage students and retain information.

Additionally, Keynote's multiple views and display options keep student attention levels high while enabling assessors to track learning progress. Ultimately, by leveraging its intuitive design interface, Keynote lets teachers create engaging presentations without breaking their workflow or budget constraints.

8. Streamlined quizzing - Slido


  • Basic - Free
  • Engage - $10/month
  • Professional - $30/month
  • Enterprise - $150/month
alternative to quizizz

Slido is an alternative to Quizizz that allows users to create polls and surveys to engage with their audience.

It's a great choice if you're looking for a more comprehensive digital presentation tool than Quizziz and want more customization options in creating surveys and tracking results. Slido has streamlined features such as real-time Q&A, audience polls, quick voting questions and quizzes -all of which can be accessed through multiple devices.

As well as having pre-made templates for virtual events, it also offers analytics reports, allowing for further engagement insights. If you're looking for an interactive way to connect with your audience, Slido offers the perfect solution.

9. Interactive presentations - AhaSlides


  • Free
  • Essential - $7.95/month
  • Plus - $10.95/month
  • Pro - $15.95/month
alternative to quizizz

AhaSlides is quickly becoming one of the leading alternatives to Quizizz as an online quiz platform. It provides several intuitive tools, like easy drag-and-drop editing and game-oriented graphics, that make using it simple and enjoyable.

Additionally, AhaSlides gives users customization options to tailor their quizzes to suit any learning objectives. Other features include analytics to track performance, multilingual support, and a cloud library with many content categories.

All these features work together to create an engaging experience for any audience – making AhaSlides an excellent competitor to Quizizz.

10. Gaining formative feedback - Poll Everywhere


  • Intro - Free
  • Present - $120/year
  • Engage - $42/month
  • Teams - $84/month
  • Enterprise - $12,000+
alternative to quizizz

If you're looking for the best alternative to Quizizz, Poll Everywhere is a great choice. It allows users to effectively engage with participants during virtual events, such as webinars and conferences.

Plus, you can Embed polls directly into PowerPoint presentations or learning management systems (LMS). Unlike Quizizz, Poll Everywhere offers an unlimited number of questions, quizzes, and answers so you can get creative with your assessments.

Moreover, its up-to-date analytics lets you quickly track performance and export results periodically.

Its mobile polling feature makes it easier for audiences to participate in surveys and quizzes wherever they are – perfect whether you're hosting an online class or delivering a presentation remotely.


Choosing a quiz or survey tool to use in the classroom or workplace can be a daunting task. The key to success is to find a tool that meets your needs, offers customization options, and provides data security and ease of use.

While Quizzes may be at the top of the list for many teachers and trainers, there are many alternatives available with unique features that might provide an even better experience for users.

After careful consideration, any of these alternatives can provide the best fit for individual needs and objectives. It's important to keep learning and experimenting with these ideas; it may just be the game-changer you are looking for!