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July 2023 Highlights: Rolljak's Latest Launches and Updates!

In July, we rolled out a a range of innovative features and enhancements will elevate pre-game and in-game experience even better. Our team has been hard at work, and we're excited to share these incredible additions that will take your interactions to the next level.

Stay tuned as we break down all these updates and more, so you can dive right into the details.


1. AI Question Generator - Turn your prompts and digital materials into personalised activities

You now have the freedom to submit prompts, digital content, or materials of your choice, and watch as our AI ingeniously generates thought-provoking questions from them. Whether it's copying and pasting text, providing a URL to online content, or uploading documents in various formats (PDF, Doc, Docs), the AI Question Generator transforms your materials into an array of engaging questions, sparking insightful discussions and learning.


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2. More Mini Games for Endless Entertainment!

We understand that waiting phases can sometimes be a tad boring, but worry no more! In addition to the beloved sushi-slicing game, we're introducing two new captivating mini-games - the Memory Game and Whack-a-Mole. Now, while you await responses, you can immerse your participants in these delightful games, keeping the excitement alive and your mind engaged.

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3. Elevated Evaluation with GPT4 in Auto Scoring Quiz

Our commitment to accurate assessment just got a significant upgrade! The Auto Scoring Quiz feature now harnesses the power of GPT4 for evaluation. As you submit your responses, not only will they be compared against the model answer, but GPT4 will also analyze and compare your responses, providing an even more comprehensive evaluation. This intelligent approach ensures a nuanced assessment that considers a wider range of factors.

4. Tailor Your Experience with Leaderboard Control!

We're putting you in the driver's seat when it comes to competition. Introducing the option to toggle the Leaderboard on or off during the Review phase before going live.

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Choose to add a competitive edge to your session by enabling the Leaderboard, which will display scores at the end of each activity. If you prefer a non-competitive environment, simply disable it. Rest assured, scores will still be calculated and showcased in the report, enhancing your flexibility in crafting the perfect session.


5. Real-Time Insight With View Live Submissions!

Embrace real-time interactivity with our "View Live Submissions" feature. Witness the magic as submissions unfold before your eyes, granting you the power to assess ongoing progress, content quality, and more. Deliver prompt feedback or make swift decisions, ensuring your sessions remain dynamic, engaging, and responsive to participants' needs.


6. Test Your Session In Preview Session

Once you've completed crafting your session, take the opportunity to test it alongside these bot participants. Just click on "Review" and then select "Preview."

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This will lead you to a simulation where you'll need to share the game link. Experiment by attempting to join the game using an alternate browser or other devices. As you do, a set of bot participants will automatically join, ensuring that the minimum required number of participants is reached for your session.

And then you can start the simulation game and see the whole experience!


Coming Soon: Music Pack Options

As the game master, you now have the power to set the perfect mood for your sessions. Whether it's a lively beat for a team-building exercise, soothing tunes for a productive meeting, or an inspiring melody for a corporate event, our Music Packs offer a range of options to match any setting. Elevate your experience and captivate your participants with tailored music that complements your sessions seamlessly. With Rolljak's Music Packs, you're not just facilitating a game – you're curating an unforgettable atmosphere.


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