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Template Spotlight: May 2023 Icebreakers & Energizers In Workshops

Explore our icebreaker templates designed to spark energy and engagement in your workshops, enhancing participation and collaboration.

Starting virtual meetings or workshops can be challenging, especially when not everyone knows each other or has met before. It's common to feel awkward or stuck in the routine of endless video meetings. To make your virtual meetings or workshops engaging, productive, and memorable, you need a fun and effective icebreaker.

At Rolljak Templates, we're thrilled to have a plethora of icebreaker session templates submitted by creative minds like you. Thanks to all the creators who have shared their innovative ideas!

We have handpicked the most effective and fun icebreaker templates to help you break the ice and get everyone excited and engaged in no time. Whether you're hosting a virtual team-building event, a networking session, or a casual catch-up with friends, our icebreaker ideas will help everyone feel relaxed, connected, and energized.

These templates are carefully curated to ensure maximum participation, collaboration, and creativity. From games and challenges to thought-provoking questions and prompts, our icebreaker templates are perfect for any occasion and any group size.

So, choose one of our icebreaker templates, break the ice, and have an unforgettable experience!

  • 14 activities
  • Session duration: 9 minutes

In this session, there are 14 Multiple Choice Questions that have been thoughtfully curated to include fun and engaging trivia. These questions are designed to not only spark enthusiasm but also to quickly boost engagement among participants.

  • 15 activities
  • Session duration: 17 minutes

Get ready for a unique and entertaining experience with this session! Modeled after a popular TV quiz show, you'll be challenged to guess the missing lyrics of various songs in a fun and engaging way. John, the creator of this session, has transformed the timeless format into a Rolljak session that is sure to keep you on your toes. With exciting twists and turns, you'll never know what to expect next as you put your knowledge to the test. Whether you're a music aficionado or just looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your time, this session is definitely worth checking out.

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  • 1 activity
  • Session duration: 7 minutes
  • Minimum player: 4

Get ready for a fun and creative experience with Comic Crazy! This activity is all about bringing out your inner artist and collaboratively creating a hilarious and unpredictable comic strip. Participants take turns sketching different panels to build a story that evolves as it passes through each person's hands. You never know where the story will go, and that's part of the fun! The resulting comic strip can be as weird or wacky as your group's imaginations can conjure up. Comic Crazy is the perfect activity for anyone who loves to draw, tell stories, or just wants to have a good time with friends.

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  • 6 activities
  • Session duration: 4 minutes

If you're a trivia lover, you won't want to miss out on Team Quiz! This exciting activity is all about testing your knowledge and speed against others fun and engagingly. With Team Mode turned on, you'll get an extra layer of competition as you compete against other teams to see who can answer questions the fastest and rack up the most points. It's the perfect way to challenge yourself and your friends while having a great time. Who will emerge as the ultimate know-it-all with the quickest fingers? You'll have to play to find out!

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  • 3 activities
  • Session duration: 7 minutes
  • Minimum player: 4

This activity is designed to help you get the ball rolling with some thought-provoking questions that will help you learn more about each other. By sharing your responses and listening to others, you'll gain valuable insights into each other's personalities, interests, and backgrounds. Use these insights as a springboard for more conversations to come, and watch as your connections with each other grow stronger. Whether you're meeting new colleagues, classmates, or friends, Getting To Know You is the perfect way to kick off your virtual interactions.



We understand the importance of creating a welcoming and engaging environment, and we hope these activities help you achieve just that. Stay tuned for new challenges, as we will continue to update the Rolljak Templates with fresh and exciting icebreakers. Most importantly, have fun! We believe that building connections and fostering a positive group dynamic is key to a successful virtual meeting, and we hope our icebreakers help you achieve that.