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Case Study: Unleashing Economics Class Dynamics with Rolljak

Embark on an insightful journey through a case study interview with Mr Kleve as he shares the transformative impact of Rolljak in revolutionizing classroom dynamics. Discover how Rolljak turned mundane lessons into memorable experiences, fostering engagement and participation in the classroom

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Meet Kleve, a dedicated economics teacher from the Philippines, entering his fourth year at Xavier School. With a passion for education, Kleve manages three classes of grade 9 students, each with 34-40 students. He turns his class into an enjoyable and interactive learning experience with the help of Rolljak. The following content will delve deeper into specific instances where Rolljak played a pivotal role in overcoming teaching challenges and enhancing the overall educational experience at Xavier School.

Key Wins:

  • Easily tracking students' progress.
  • Cultivating a culture of collaborative learning.
  • Successfully encouraging inactive students to participate in class actively.
  • The “Auto Scoring” feature drastically reduces the time spent on grading for teachers.

The Experience with the Rolljak App: Exploring New Learning Paths

Teaching at the same school as Mr. Alwin from the previous interview, Mr Kleve’s journey with Rolljak began when the school introduced him to Rolljak. During his initial encounter with Rolljak, Mr Kleve discerned its uniqueness compared to similar apps (Kahoot! and Quizizz). Unlike previous tools, Rolljak sparked genuine excitement among students, not only during the teaching process but also starting from the ice-breaking and waiting sessions during the lesson. The cutting sushi game, in particular, became the students’ favorite, fostering engagement as students competed to cut the most sushi. Witnessing the genuine enthusiasm among his students brought joy to Mr Kleve, setting a positive tone for his Rolljak experience.

Through this encounter, the students are infused with excitement, contributing to the cultivation of a lively and dynamic atmosphere within the lesson. This vibrant setting keeps the students engaged and ensures that the overall energy remains high, avoiding the infiltration of monotony into the learning environment. It makes the lesson a routine and an exciting and interactive experience that captivates the students' interest and curiosity.

Rolljak seamlessly integrated into Mr Kleve’s teaching methodology. Not only on his economy lesson, Mr Kleve leveraged Rolljak for ice-breaking activities and design thinking sessions. He adapted the school's curriculum into thought-provoking questions and utilized Rolljak as a valuable tool, seamlessly integrating it into his lesson plans and enhancing the overall learning experience.

Fostering Active Participation and Real-Time Monitoring

“Rolljak become a solution to effortlessly monitoring students' progress in my lesson.”

Mr. Kleve admits the importance of student engagement in class, especially when he teaches large class sizes. It would not be easy to monitor the student’s progress. However, he added that he found Rolljak to be a solution for effortlessly monitoring students' progress. Rolljak provided real-time insights into students' understanding, contributing to a more interactive and participatory classroom environment.

“I was glad because, during my lesson, my shy and introverted students were excited to learn in class because they knew I used Rolljak as my teaching tool!”

Revolutionizing Economic Classes: The Remarkable Impact of Rolljak in Classroom

In economic lessons, where graph analysis and essay explanations dominate, integrating an educational app seamlessly into the curriculum is crucial. For Mr Kleve, the “open questions” feature in Rolljak has become essential to his economic lessons. Additionally, the standout feature, "auto scoring," has been a game-changer, significantly reducing the time spent on grading while providing valuable insights into each student's progress.

“The peer evaluation feature is another gem, fostering collaborative learning as students evaluate and learn from one another.”

Mr Kleve added that by using Rolljak, he can share all students' answers in front of the class and allow students to discuss together, and as a teacher, Mr Kleve can give real-time feedback during the lesson.

Sometimes, Mr. Kleve's economics lessons also involve graphics, where students must be able to draw graphs based on the lesson/question given. The "sketch it out" feature in Rolljak is a great tool to help students sketch their graphs. This feature enables Mr Kleve to provide instant corrections and feedback, creating a more interactive and efficient learning process.

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From Boredom to Vibrancy: Transforming Classroom Dynamics

“I received feedback from my students. They expressed a desire for a more engaging and fun class. They are out of focus because the class is kinda boring”, said Mr Kleve. “However, once I used Rolljak, all of these problems were solved. My students are satisfied with my class and lesson,” added Mr Kleve.

Mr Kleve is successful in turning his classroom into a dynamic and lively space where learning is not only effective but also fun.

“Rolljak emerged as a transformative solution”

Mr Kleve’s Thoughts about Rolljak

For Mr Kleve, Rolljak surpassed its role as a mere educational tool; it became a bridge fostering a collaborative and enjoyable learning environment between teacher and student.

"Rolljak is a great tool in the classroom, and I am living proof of its effectiveness in an economics class."

In reflecting on the impact of Rolljak in his classroom, Mr Kleve enthusiastically states that “the positive atmosphere and engagement in the classroom have been notable since incorporating Rolljak into my teaching methods.” While expressing his gratitude, Mr Kleve gives suggestions for the Rolljak team, hoping for the integration of lesson slides. This integration would streamline the teaching process, eliminating the need to switch between Rolljak and external platforms like Google Slides.

"Thank you, Rolljak, for having me. It was a great time to share my experience using a great tool like Rolljak," Mr. Kleve said, expressing his appreciation and closing the interview.


  • The “Peer evaluation” feature plays a pivotal role in fostering a collaborative learning culture within the classroom: Mr. Kleve discovered that incorporating peer evaluation not only assists teachers in initiating meaningful discussions but also encourages students to collaborate and actively discuss answers in real-time.
  • Used to motivate every student to participate actively without exception: Mr. Kleve observed a significant transformation. Even shy and introverted students became actively engaged in the classroom when Rolljak was introduced to his lessons. This is undeniable evidence of Rolljak's remarkable efficacy in enhancing the classroom experience.
  • The 'Auto Scoring' feature is a time-saving gem: Mr. Kleve efficiently utilizes this feature to provide and analyze student answers swiftly during class. Rolljak’s 'Auto Scoring' not only aids teachers in time management but also allows them to concentrate on tracking student progress. This dynamic approach fosters a lively teaching atmosphere with real-time discussions.

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