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Find Out How a Physics Teacher Used Rolljak to Make His Students More Active In Class

Please find out how Mr. Jože Pernar used Rolljak, an innovative teaching tool, to make his physics students more active and engaged in class.

Key Wins

  • Promotes interactive learning
  • Keeps the students engaged
  • Promotes collaboration among participants

About the School

The Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana, nestled in the heart of Slovenia's vibrant capital city, is a distinguished institution renowned for its commitment to nurturing artistic talent. With a storied history spanning over a century, this esteemed school has established itself as a beacon of excellence in music and ballet education.

It serves as a cradle for aspiring musicians and dancers, providing fertile ground to cultivate their skills, unleash their creative potential, and embark on a lifelong journey of artistic expression.

Students who pass through its doors are immersed in a dynamic and inspiring environment guided by a faculty of accomplished instructors who foster technical proficiency, artistic growth, and a deep appreciation for the performing arts.

Mr. Jože Pernar, a passionate physics teacher at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana, recognized the need to make his classes more interactive and engaging for his students.

He wanted to find a way to integrate hands-on activities and collaborative learning experiences into his physics lessons. That's when he discovered Rolljak, an innovative teaching tool that proved the perfect solution.

The Challenge of Teaching Physics

I am looking for ways to consolidate the acquired learning content and actively work with students. I would like as many different forms of interactive learning as possible.

Knowing that Physics is not a priority for his students, Mr. Pernar faced the challenge of capturing their attention and making the subject more relatable and interesting. He understood that traditional lecture-style teaching methods did not promote active learning and student engagement.

“I teach physics at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana (Slovenia). I want to animate and actively collaborate with the students because physics is not their priority subject. They are between 14 and 16 years old. There are 23 to 28 students in the classes.”

“I am looking for ways to consolidate the acquired learning content and actively work with students. I would like as many different forms of interactive learning as possible. I also use my websites with interactive crosswords, rebuses, and fun content that contain learning materials from physics."

Engaging Lessons with Rolljak

“In my previous school, I used an interactive whiteboard, associated software, and voice units for active work. I came to this school in January and was looking for a new solution. I found Rolljak on the internet.”

To implement Rolljak in his physics classes, Mr. Pernar devised various activities and experiments using Rolljak.

“I mostly use Rolljak questions and Multiple Choice. I can insert pictures, graphs, and sketches. When using the Sketch It Out activity, I am having trouble scoring. Students love scoring. It is similar when using the Auto-Scoring Quiz. I have not figured out how to set the different responses. I don't use the other tools because I don't find them useful for my work.”

teaching physics

Why Rolljak?

Mr. Pernar has used other tools before.

I used Kahoot from time to time. I am more satisfied with the Rolljak application.

Rolljak was chosen as the teaching tool by Mr. Jože Pernar because it offered several benefits that aligned with his goals of promoting active learning and student engagement.

“Rolljak has a great effect in stimulating the active work of students. We usually check before the main test when preparing for a written assessment. Classically, students can complete 10 tasks. With the Rolljak application, we do them without any problems 30. They like to use their mobile devices and don't lose concentration, as with classic writing and solving in a notebook and on paper.”

Mr. Pernar recognizes the challenge of teaching physics and understands that traditional teaching methods may only sometimes capture students' attention or make the subject relatable and exciting to them.

“Physics is a specific subject that we cannot use the application daily. In my lessons, I tend towards experiments and trials. These are the main part of my physics lessons. I have ideas on improving the program for my purposes, but they are very specific, and I doubt they would be useful for your other users.”


  • Incorporate hands-on activities: Mr. Pernar realized that hands-on activities are crucial to promoting active learning. By designing experiments and trials using Rolljak, he created a dynamic and participatory learning environment for his students. Consider integrating practical exercises, simulations, or virtual experiments into your lessons to make the subject more relatable and interesting.
  • Utilize interactive features: Rolljak offers various interactive features such as Multiple Choice questions, Sketch It Out, and Auto-Scoring Quiz. Mr. Pernar primarily used Rolljak questions and Multiple Choice for his lessons. Experiment with different activities and features to find what works best for your teaching style and subject matter.
  • Use visuals and multimedia: Take advantage of Rolljak's ability to insert pictures, graphs, and sketches into your questions. Visual aids can help illustrate abstract concepts and engage students visually. Consider incorporating relevant videos, animations, or interactive simulations to enhance the learning experience further.
  • Gamify the learning process: Students love competition and scoring. Mr. Pernar found that using Rolljak's scoring feature increased student engagement. Explore ways to incorporate gamification elements into your lessons, such as timed quizzes, leaderboard rankings, or rewards for high scores. This can motivate students to participate and strive for better performance actively.


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